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2 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Local Traffic – Our Guide

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Design, Online Branding, Web Hosting, Wordpress

Today, many people around the world are shopping online rather than going out to buy their essentials. For this reason, websites are a must-have for many businesses. Not only does a website help facilitate online sales, but it can also be used for various purposes. For example, it can be used to spread brand awareness or attract new potential customers. Unfortunately, this has led many small businesses to believe that the best way to go about setting up their websites is to target the entire globe. Not only is it a lot harder to do, but there is a lot of competition to beat.

To ensure that a small business’s website does not fail, it is always recommended to start small. By small, we mean going local! If you are a small business looking to make the most out of your website, going local is your best chance of starting your online venture. Here is how to do it.

1 Optimize for local SEO

Almost half of all searches done on Google are local, not to mention most local searches result in a call or a visit within a day. This means that the people around you are likely to be looking for products they can find locally, which could be the same products you offer. For this reason, your website should be optimized locally. Failure to do so does not only mean you fail to reach out to interested individuals but fail to make the most out of your local customers.

To optimize your website locally, the one thing you must do is to set up your Google My Business account. In there, you will include all types of information, from your contact information to your address. By doing this, you will create a Google business listing so customers can quickly find you on the map and reach out to you using your contact information.

2 Implement email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways you can use to drive traffic to your business. With it, you can quickly contact prospects, motivating them to click your ads, visit your website, and complete an action.

To successfully run an email marketing campaign, there are certain types of emails you can send. The most popular emails are those that feature discounts and promotions to motivate them to visit your website and use it. You can also provide a link to any free content you may have to offer, such as an article or newsletter. Nevertheless, your email must show value to your customers. If it is worth their time (and money), it is highly likely they will visit your website through it.


These are two simple tips you can implement in your business to boost your local website traffic significantly. With more traffic to your site, you’ll have more opportunities to convert these potential customers into loyal ones. This results in higher conversion rates, sales, and the like, all of which can be used to grow your business. That said, there are many other ways you can get better at going local, from utilizing paid marketing services to working with local influencers. All of these will help bring awareness to your brand, improve your website traffic, and more.

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