3 Factors to Look Into When Choosing a DNS Service


Creating a website isn’t as simple as thinking of a name, inputting it into your website, and letting the internet do its magic—it entails a lot of preparation and steps to simply establish your online presence. Picking out the best providers and support infrastructures will dictate the efficiency of your website, which is why proper research must be done before proceeding.

Before thinking of the web development and design of your interface, you must first think of the name that will go with your website. Picking out an appropriate name is crucial, as it will hold significant sway in your brand development and recall. To help cement that name, you will have to follow through by choosing a Domain Name System (DNS) provider.

What is DNS?

The DNS, in a gist, is the system that links a domain name with a computer, service, or another platform connected on the internet or a private server. Specifically, an IP address is embedded within the domain name—allowing it to be more memorable and easily accessible for other people within the network.

By hooking up your website within a DNS hosting service’s network, you are “opening” your website and granting potential visitors access to enter your domain through your domain name. Choosing an appropriate provider is necessary to keep your website accessible, so proper research can help you cement your online presence.

As there is a multitude of hosting services available, screening through the important pits can help you find the best provider for your website. To help you in that regard, here are three basic factors to look into when considering a DNS hosting service.

The Performance

One of the most important factors to consider would be the performance and availability of your provider. Hosting services have to ensure that their servers are capable of withstanding tremendous traffic—else, you and all websites connected to that server will crash.

A provider that performs well will be able to respond quickly to downed servers, effectively getting your website back online within the shortest time frame possible. A quick look into the provider’s track record can easily show this, as well as sifting through reviews left by their current and previous clients.

The Support

Another major factor would be in the service support they can provide for your business when they are hired. Having easily accessible customer service support can be incredibly value-adding—especially if your website crashes in the evening. A majority of internet traffic occurs at night, so ensuring that your website remains active through those times is necessary for your website to generate leads.

The Security

Security is always important, no matter what aspect you’re looking into. When it comes to your business, you must ensure that your confidential information remains intact—which is why your hosting service should be able to properly secure your website from any possible threat. Whether it’s from a hacker who wants to harm your clients or from information-stealing viruses and malware, your provider should be leagues ahead in protecting your business.


When it comes to your business, picking out your providers is directly related to your success—which is why assuring the best for your website is a must. Even if it’s something as simple as choosing a hosting provider for your business, some simple preparation and research can bring you a long way.

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