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3 Tips That Can Boost eCommerce User Experience – Our Guide

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Design, Online Branding, Web Hosting, Wordpress

eCommerce websites are a different ballgame compared to a usual service provider’s business page. In eCommerce, the movement of goods is essential, as this brings in much-needed revenue for any business. Coming up with a well-designed website that prioritises user experience is a surefire way to increase website traffic and boost sales.

The world of website design and optimisation changes each year, boasting incredible improvements in technology. This constant change requires continuous innovation, which  means you must update your site regularly to keep up with your customers’ demands. By employing the most outstanding elements of site design and combining it with a top-tier web hosting service, your eCommerce website will help you find unparalleled success.

Important Things To Note

Most people discover today’s business websites, whether eCommerce or service pages, through a Google search engine results page. Direct searches are on the rare side, which means optimising your site fully for customer satisfaction is integral to success. Search engines like Google have an extremely powerful algorithm that is heavily reliant on SEO scores for websites to pick things up.

Site rankings heavily rely on bounce rates that determine how a site appears on a search engine results page. When you utilise a mix of website design and web hosting services like AWS for cloud-based operations, this offers better eCommerce experiences for customers. Here are three tips for creating a more pleasing eCommerce site experience:

1 Invest In a Cloud Server

Cloud servers like Amazon web services can do wonders for the way servers are optimised. Not only do they offer a secure platform that can boost page loading speeds and overall connectivity, but they also allow easy upgrading of services. Since cloud servers are scalable networks that are easy to use, this will boost your eCommerce website thanks to its reliable speeds and load balancing products.

Website design and development is always more comfortable to conduct while running an eCommerce site 24/7, as these can be tested on different servers while keeping the base one running.

2 Fix the Overall User Interface

2020’s best websites are minimalist and contain plenty of white space. This addition of white space is easy on the eyes, making navigation a simple task. People immediately find the pages they want to visit because of visible, clickable elements that are unobstructed by heavy, slow-loading page components. Having well-designed buttons that link to products, along with fixed hyperlinks, will ensure better SEO scores. By creating an excellent website, your SEO scores will improve significantly.

3 Fix the Website Functionality

Many businesses fail to do this, especially those who have shifted to digital recently and have not established a foothold in the online industry. This lack of knowledge often leads to broken links, non-working page elements, poorly done website design, and even low SEO rankings. By creating a better website with working features from the home page to the search bar, you will generate better scores overall.


Google’s algorithms for its search engine are very meticulous, and it will scrutinise every single part of your website. If anything looks off in terms of the site design, loading speeds, and bounce rates, this will significantly damage your eCommerce website. If you want to grow to an international scale, your brand identity has to surpass expectations from the local industry, which is possible by providing an excellent website user experience.

BaseHost is a website hosting service that offers thoughtful design and optimisation for small and medium-sized enterprises. Having roots heavily based in business, we have a knowledge base of useful techniques in eCommerce and site-building. Contact us to know more about what we can do for you.

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