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3 Web Host Characteristics for Business Owners To Look For

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Design, Online Branding, Web Hosting, Wordpress

The only thing that matters with your website is to have it available online, right? While this is certainly essential, there is so much more to building a successful site than having it accessible online. A good website is hosted on a solution that provides high speeds, ensuring it is snappy and fast to load. You will also want to ensure it is hosted on a secure platform, keeping cybercriminals at bay. These factors only happen when you spend the time to sit down and understand the importance of selecting the best web host.

Why is web hosting so important?

Simply put, web hosting is important because it will dictate just how well your website will run online. This also means that if you pick the wrong host, your website will suffer. It can be anything from slow loading times to increased downtime that will drive your audience away from your website. For that reason, picking the right web host is vital to the success of your website.

That being said, here are the characteristics of a good web host that will put your website in the best light:

1. Security

Security is one factor you must never forget when picking a web host. This is because the internet is full of hidden dangers, and there is always someone out there looking to compromise your website for their own benefit.

To ensure you do not land into security issues, look for a reputable web host with a robust security system. They understand the importance of security in the online world and will have implemented various security features to keep the websites they hosted as safe as possible from any harm.

2. Reliability

One problem with servers is that they are pieces of equipment that can break down. As you know, the equipment has a life, and they will not perform as good ten years later as they would the first few months. Equipment can also malfunction and run into problems from time to time, and one such problem is downtime. When a website is down, people cannot access the website. Depending on the use of the website, downtime can be costly.

A good web host is a reliable one, meaning the downtimes you experience are minimal. While there will be some downtime, especially when it comes to maintenance, they are short. Unforeseen downtimes will also be quickly tackled, getting your website back up and running as soon as possible to minimize losses.

3. Support

No matter how good a company is to your eyes, problems can still occur that need addressing from the service provider. When these things happen, customer support is the channel at which you bring up these issues to have them addressed.

All web hosting service providers provide decent customer support, but only the best will have exemplary support available around the clock. They know that problems can happen anytime, anywhere and their clients will have issues that need immediate resolving. With excellent support, these issues can quickly be addressed, meaning less time for clients to ponder the problem and more time making money.


Even a well-designed website will fall far from success if it is not hosted properly. Slow loading times, downtimes, and problems such as these can lead to fewer people visiting your website, hurting your business immensely. For that reason, take the time to pick the right web host. Consider the characteristics above to help you identify them, and when you finally discover one, take the time to communicate your needs to them. In doing that, you ensure your website is in its best light online, bringing people from around the world to your digital doorsteps.

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