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4 Web Design Tips to Make Your Website SEO-Ready

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Design, SEO

4 Web Design Tips to Make Your Website SEO-Ready 

Businesses create websites for one core reason: to provide existing and potential customers with a digital storefront that helps them find products, services, and everything they need to know about the brand. A beautiful website helps companies achieve this goal to some extent, but the only way to make sure it gains the visibility it deserves is to design with SEO in mind. 

Here are four ways you can factor SEO into your website design: 

1: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly 

Mobile-friendly websites are those that have responsive designs. These designs adjust their layout quickly based on the device and screen sizes viewers are using. This is a helpful feature, especially since an increasing number of people use mobile devices to search for information online.  

If you design your website to be mobile responsive, your site could get a more favourable response from the audience, encouraging search engines to give your site a better ranking score. Since your site viewers would find it easy to scroll through your pages, they will visit more often, stay longer on your pages, and not leave right away.  

2: Attach Helpful Information in Text 

SEO can recognise texts better than images. If you want to increase your content’s visibility, adding information in the form of transcripts, captions, and metadata in your photos or videos can increase their chances of appearing in people’s search results.  

The algorithm’s affinity to text does not mean that other forms of media are not helpful in any way. They too contribute to your page’s SEO rankings. However, adding text helps search engine crawlers peruse the site more efficiently to gather relevant information. 

3: Optimize Your Images and Videos 

Aside from adding text to these media attachments, you should also optimise them to improve your website’s performance. Here are some notes to remember: 

On Images:[Text Wrapping Break] 

  • Use recommended and supported formats like JPEG and PNG. For the logos and icons, an SVG file is typically best. 
  • Make sure that the size is just right. Excessively large images load too slowly, while tiny images might appear pixelated. 
  • Add clear descriptions to every image. Doing so will help search engine crawlers recognize what each image is about. It will also provide accessibility to viewers whose devices or internet speed may prohibit them from viewing the entire image. 

On Videos: 

  • Use supported format such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MPEG, or 3GP so that the search engines and website can read it 
  • Make sure that the web page does not require complex user actions or adding specific URL just to load the video. 
  • If your videos are uploaded on a third-party platform like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, embed them onto the site if possible. 
  • Ensure each video comes with a high-quality and exciting thumbnail to encourage more viewers to watch. 
  • Try to avoid embedding more than one relevant video per page to ensure easy loading and crawling as well as SEO-friendliness. 

4: Make Sure That Your Page Loads Fast 

Your site’s speed has an impact on your site’s SEO performance. A fast-loading site experiences fewer bounces and a longer average visit, which works in your favor when it comes to search engine rankings. 


The web design and how you lay out all of its components says a lot about your page’s ranking performance. By knowing what the search engine favours, you can adjust your design accordingly. Following these guidelines also benefit your audience, helping them find your web page and the information they need faster.  

Do these tips sound confusing to you? Let the experts do the web design for you. Get a professional website optimised for SEO when you work with us at BaseHost. We provide responsive mobile-ready with on-page SEO designs and 24/7 customer support. We’re excited to partner with you and see you grow! Contact us today. 

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