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5 Reasons Why Websites Lag and Render Slow Results

by | Aug 23, 2021 | SEO, Web Hosting

The struggle is real; it is indeed a point of frustration just when that scholarly website for your academic paper refused to load. Or you can have it worse and share the same level of annoyance as you fail to meet deadlines due to broken web links. Everyone has been there, in plain panic, as they hit that reload button again and again in the desperate hope that it will eventually render its contents. 

The funny thing about website crashes and slow results is that they usually happen when you rush. But no, they do not smell your fear nor see your panic. It just so happens that a single website is generated by multiple factors and, in between your clicking and loading, things can go wrong.  

Ask any website owner or developer, and they surely experience this too on their end. Unfortunately, a single crash for them could mean a decline in sales conversions and online visitors. 

The Many Culprits behind Slow Website Speed 

  • Weak Server 

The primary reason for a sluggish website is the server on which it is hosted. Some might blame this on their internet connection, but the primary suspect is a cheap web host shared and collectively used by dozens of websites. With very limited sources, one shared server cannot facilitate the demands of the websites stored in it. 

  • Large Website Elements 

To be sure, no one wants to go back to when one had to wait for a minute or two to view a single photograph on a webpage. While optimum technology has long resolved that problem, it may still be encountered if images and other website elements are not optimised. After a successful ping, the server needs to transfer every single bit of content, which is why it takes longer for big files and images to load. 

  • Complex Coding 

Another factor that leads to slow page loading speeds is the code used to create them. Complex and dense codes and plugins tend to affect performance heavily. This problem has been a common occurrence, especially if a website was developed using CSS, HTML, and Javascript. 

  • Congested Server Requests 

Apart from the mass of content that a website holds, its performance relies on the number of files it carries. A single character or an image, however small, requires a separate request to load. Even a company logo contributes to its gradual processing. Imagine how overcrowded it will be if a website will facilitate both its contents and additional external plugins. And so, content-heavy websites will load slowly and even crash since multiple elements require specific requests.  

  • Obsolete CMS 

Software updates can be annoying, and often your instinct is to ignore them. Regardless of how unwilling you are to wait, updating your website software is crucial as it keeps navigation optimal and smooth. Whether you manage your website using WordPress, Drupal, or Wix, regular updates are necessary to ensure that glitches of the previous versions are fixed.  


It is common for people to blame internet speed as the primary reason for sluggish websites. However, many different agents work hand in hand to deliver website content, and a minor malfunction can result in a large-scale crash. A discrepancy in requests means slow and irritating results. You can resolve these issues by optimising website elements and regularly updating your system for smoother access. 

With BaseHost’s web hosting services, your website is sure to perform well, no matter what type of design you choose and how much content you upload. Contact our experts today! 


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