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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Office 365 Subscription Offers

by | May 21, 2020 | Office365, Web Hosting

Due to the diverse suite of products it offers, Office 365 continues to grow in popularity. To date, Microsoft has revealed that there are 120 million active business users who have availed of the subscription plan. More customers utilise at least one Microsoft Office product, making them the top choice for both business and individual needs.

If your team makes use of Office 365, but only ever uses email and Outlook to manage communications or core programs such as Excel and Word, then you’re not making the most out of your investment.

To maximise your subscription, here are five things about your Office 365 subscription that you need to use now:

1 – Access Word, Excel, and PowerPoint via mobile

Given the circumstances, your staff might be working from home. Perhaps you’re thinking of adopting the set-up fully, or your business’s nature just relies on travelling and client meetings. If that’s the case, your team needs to access files and applications from any device, regardless of whether they’re in airport lounges, hotels, coffee shops, or conference rooms.

The best thing about Office 365 is that it has been designed with accessibility in mind. Fully equipped to work on mobile devices, the apps can be downloaded from their respective app stores, and users can simply log into their accounts.

2 – Use OneDrive for your business files

What’s the use of your subscription if you’re not going to make use of its storage? OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of cloud storage, where every user is entitled to 1 TB of line storage. Each file and folder can sync between the user’s desktop and OneDrive, which enables you to access files offline.

Through OneDrive, you’re also able to share documents and bigger files easily. Sharing a presentation, for instance? Just right-click and select the share button and you’ll be able to create a link to share with other users for viewing and editing.

3 – SharePoint allows you to collaborate anytime and anywhere

This system is Microsoft’s ultimate collaboration tool, as it hosts numerous tools and features that allow teams to communicate, share, and manage projects. While it holds similar features with OneDrive, SharePoint is controlled by appointed administrators, who have the power to restrict what can get shared. 

4 – Use Exchange Online for business emails

Microsoft’s Exchange continues to dominate in the business email environment. While it cost companies quite a lot in the past, Exchange online is now offered under the Office 365 licence. Users will be able to access email from Outlook on their apps, desktops, or browsers. Exchange Online also offers shared mailboxes for teams to utilise, as well as basic malware and a spam filtering system.

5 – Sign documents online with DocuSign

If you’re running client-centred operations, your team may always be on the go. At some point, you may have gone through the hassle of trying to get a physical signature uploaded onto a digital document, which is necessary in the modern world. Through DocuSign, you’ll be able to transfer important signatures into Word or Outlook, which won’t require you to go through gruelling print-and-scan processes.


These are just some of the most significant features found in Office 365. If your business is already under this subscription, use these tools to further your team’s productivity and processes. If you’re still using older solutions to manage documents and emails, however, it’s worth looking into the benefits of Office 365 to encourage collaboration and productivity.

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