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6 Signs You’re Choosing the Best Website Host – What to Know

by | May 22, 2020 | Web Hosting

Your website is your office space in the virtual world. So, you need to make sure your ‘location’ is safe, secure, and have enough space to save all your files. Similar to regular office space, finding a website hosting service, particularly for small businesses, may cost a lot.

Moreover, finding a good host must be confusing. To help you, we compiled six qualifications of a good website host:

Visible and transparent

Find a host with a detailed and professional website. Having an excellent site means they care for their site and would care for yours too.

Their site should show you their great hosting packages. Check these hosting options and look closely into what each includes. Some may say they provide unlimited bandwidth but may restrain your site’s performance upon reaching a certain bandwidth limit.

A site with good customer feedback also helps with decision making.

Available and flexible packages

Each customer has unique and different needs. An excellent host should provide packages to cater to these needs. Will your host allow you to tweak or add some items to your selected packages? Or will their packages be limiting?

For your part, have a list of what types of services your business will need and if you have no idea, let them offer a package based on your concerns. Some of the things to consider are your operating system and whether it will allow access to other platforms, such as e-commerce.


The least you’d want is to get your site hacked. Choose to work with a hosting provider that has tight and reliable security. Having a two-factor authentication or regular software updates are some signs that your host has secured data.

Provision for Backups

A good host should have a backup feature. However, you must not rely on theirs alone. Have a personal backup, too, in case something happens to their server.


Some sites offer web hosting services for free, but they’d surely find ways on how to earn from their free services. This means you should expect your site to be bombarded with ads. These can potentially slow down your website, and having too much advertisement doesn’t help improve your site’s SEO score.

You might find some expensive packages, but remember that you only get the service you paid for. Check and compare all available host providers. Find a package that is both cost-efficient and hardworking.

Accessible Customer Service

Some host providers say they offer 24/7 support. Check if they tell the truth and which platforms they use for customer service. Do they only provide email and chat support? Do they have call services? Do they revert quickly?

If you’re having a hard time contacting them, this may not be a good sign in case your website is down. 


Choosing the best web hosting provider can be tricky, but we hope the above mentioned qualifications helped you understand how to start. As long as you know what you need and you ask the right questions, you’ll make the right choice.

To make you feel more confident, we suggest working with professional web hosting providers.

Looking for a web hosting provider you can trust? We’d be happy to help! At BaseHost, we provide reliable, powerful, and effective web hosting services with small enterprises in mind. We’re excited to partner with you and see you grow! Contact us today.

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