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A Complete Guide to How SSL and TLS Works for Your Website

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Managed Services

A Complete Guide to How SSL and TLS Works for Your Website 

Information security on business websites should be optimal in order for customers to avoid worrying, but maintaining that isn’t always easy. With so many threats of cyber attacks and the onslaught of dangerous websites, businesses need certain protocols as customers need some form of verification to back up their implementation. 

When you open up a site on your PC, you may remember the little icon on the top beside the link. That either flashes a green or grey lock, or a red exclamation point. Green often refers to a secure site that’s SSL protected, while red indicates a bit more risk with the site. The S in the HTTPS part before the website link also showcases the legitimacy of the site’s security. 

If you want to understand a little bit more about what SSL is and how it works, keep reading. 

What Is an SSL? 

SSL, which is short for Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol wherein the data is encrypted on the internet. Essentially, any website visitor will be able to safely access the browser without worrying about sensitive information being leaked. Their credit card numbers, passwords, and more are safe. Businesses can guarantee any data or transactions will be kept private. 

What Is an SSL Certificate? 

An SSL might be implemented, but there might be no way for the customers to check whether it truly is enabled or not. A valid SSL certificate that’s displayed when the icon beside your website is clicked can showcase proper protection. Putting a pop-up notification on the website would also be a good way to display the site’s security. 

What Is a TLS? 

Some websites may not have an SSL, but you may have seen a TLS. Known as a Transport Layer Security, a TLS is an updated protocol of the SSL that essentially provides better secure communication between a site visitor and the website’s server. Do take note that some sites still refer to TSL technology as SSL or SSL/TLS. 

What Is a TLS Handshake? 

The process of securing communication with an SSL/TLS begins with a TLS handshake. This type of tool is needed to kickstart asymmetric encryption, which allows different ends of a transaction to get secured with the use of varying session keys. An encrypted connection is ideal for better information security. 

How Does SSL or TLS Work? 

As mentioned above, a TLS handshake occurs to begin the encryption. Each session or refresh of the website will enable different session keys to encrypt communications, which benefits both parties involved in the transaction. Any data sent through the website will be sent securely, decrypted only by you and anyone allowed admin access on the website. 

How Do You Get an SSL or TLS? 

To obtain an SSL certificate, you’re going to need adequate SSL/TLS and website performance first. Certain web hosting companies are also SSL certificate providers, as they do manage and host your website. If you’re hoping to get an SSL/TLS with ease, be sure to check in with your web host about it. 


This guide should help you and your business get more informed about how you can secure your website to keep visitors safe through an SSL/TLS. If you don’t have any certification on your site yet, there’s no better time than the present to get one. 

Looking for web hosting services that offer SSL certificates? BaseHost is an Australian-based company that provides hosting and web design services, offering SSL certificates for your site. Get in touch with us today! 

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