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A Guide to Google’s Beloved Breadcrumbs – Things to Know

by | May 31, 2021 | Design, Online Branding, SEO

Breadcrumbs are paramount to the performance of websites across the digital world. They may not be as well-known just yet, but these tools essentially work as navigational aids that allow people to know exactly where they are on your site.

It’s one of the best ways to increase user experience, but breadcrumbs also help make your website better in Google’s eyes—simply put, it lets algorithms see how your website works. In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), breadcrumbs remain some of the best investments you could ever make.

Breadcrumbs may seem like a nuisance in real life, but they work in the digital space for a reason. Here’s a quick and easy guide to follow before investing::

What are breadcrumbs?

As previously mentioned, breadcrumbs allow your visitors to navigate through your site better. They can essentially track their path from the homepage to any page they’re using, which allows them a clear picture of how your website is structured. In more ways than one, they can also use breadcrumbs to predict what type of content they can expect to find on a specific page.

Used correctly, your website becomes user-friendly—effectively allowing you to improve bounce rate instances, improve SEO campaigns, and more.

Why should you invest in breadcrumbs?

1- Google enjoys breadcrumbs

Your users find meaning in breadcrumbs, and so does Google. You essentially allow them more access to your website, particularly when it comes to structures. In doing so, you provide search engine algorithms with more reasons to grant you better rankings. As a result, you entice more visitors to your site, effectively improving your traffic.

2 – Excellent user experience is a mark of a good and sustainable website

Getting lost in the physical world is never desirable—in the digital space, this feeling is further emphasized, and comes with costly consequences on your end. You’ll want to continuously work on improving your website, as this is the only way to keep your visitors happy. Anything less could cause them to seek experience elsewhere, likely right into the hands of your competitors. With breadcrumbs by your side, however, you make the experience better for your audiences—no matter which page they click!

How do you add breadcrumbs to your website?

Thankfully, adding breadcrumbs to your website can be easy. You’ll want to focus on several factors, which include the type of website you have, your chosen content management system (CMS), and of course, the variety of breadcrumb you want to implement.

Installing websites can be as easy as adding a widget or an add-on, but it may also necessitate a team of developers to ensure that breadcrumbs remain a sustainable choice for your business.

The Bottom Line

Creating a good user experience means better results for your business. You essentially create a website that prompts users to stay longer, thereby increasing your traffic, decreasing your bounce rates, and ultimately, converting them into becoming loyal and paying customers.

Breadcrumbs have been designed to help you do just that, especially since Google enjoys these tools immensely. With organic traffic constantly sent your way, you’ll earn top rankings and soon enough, reach the pinnacle of success. The only thing left to do now is to invest!

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