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A Guide to Save Your B2B from Crashes and Downtimes

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Managed Services, Web Hosting

A Guide to Save Your B2B Website from Crashes and Downtimes 

Frequent crashes and long downtimes can be the downfall of your websites, which can lead to a negative effect on your business’s image. B2B companies are particularly affected since there’s a certain level of professionalism that they’re expected to reach and show to other fellow businesses. 

Although it may be a struggle to keep your website completely immune from those setbacks, several things can help prevent it from crashing and timing out. Here’s a short guide on what you can try out to save and optimise your B2B website.  

Find Good Hosting 

The web host of your site is absolutely critical to its uptime and downtime. If your B2B website goes down, they should be able to offer fixes that can secure better uptime. Certain hosting providers may offer cheaper, but you may face questionable support and service. 

Another red flag for web hosting is their own personal management. If a web host goes down, your B2B site is dragged down with it. Work with companies who have great management that ensure reliable support and service when you need it. Ensure auto-renewal for the web hosting too, so that your site won’t suddenly be cut off from a provider. 

Control Accessibility 

A website crash can often happen due to mishandling. Because of this, it’s better to control who has access to the site and ultimately restrict admin access. Without full access, people will be unlikely to topple your online platform, whether accidentally or intentionally. 

Request assistance if you need help with restricting the accessibility of certain content or functions from a web design agency. It’s best to communicate and specify what roles and actions a certain person can do when briefing them about the website. 

Edit Changes with Caution 

Another reason behind website downtime is the changes that an admin may have edited in. It’s important that edits are only carried out when the website is no longer in a live environment to ensure zero downtime. 

When changes are implemented while the website is up and running in the digital space, any clients viewing the website at the same time may have the site close down on them. It’s better for B2B business websites to avoid those types of risks and allow professionals to handle them. 

Utilise Backups 

Certain content management systems like WordPress can affect the data of the website when it crashes. Be sure to have an automated backup to get whatever data was lost restored right away. Manual backups can also come in handy when paired with those automated backups, so inquire your hosting provider about those tool and methods. 

Work on Website Security 

Protecting your website from any downtime entails optimising your website security. After all, there can be cyber attackers and hackers who can exploit the vulnerabilities of your B2B site and bring it to a halt. Try not to give them an opening by strengthening the website security, getting the site access to a safe and secure network. 


This guide’s precautionary measures should ensure that your B2B website is still in tip-top shape. There would be no need to worry about your website damaging your reputation or relationships with other businesses, as long as it’s up and running properly. 

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