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A Simplified Website Design is the Best Website Design

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Design

The best approach to website design is a minimalistic one. Countless studies and interviews corroborate this assertion. Simplifying your website’s design can mean the difference between your site’s success and failure. 

Having a well-designed website that is easy to navigate can have a significant impact on your bottom line. It’s unrealistic to expect to create a high-quality, user-friendly website in a short amount of time, but a site that’s simple and easy to read can be beneficial to your company’s success. You may achieve more by working smarter, not harder. In this article, we’ll share five reasons you should invest in a simplified website design.

  1. In Website Design, Simplicity Is Universally Appealing 

The first impression of a website could be damaged by an overabundance of visual elements like photographs and typefaces. Site visitors, regardless of age or background, are more inclined to trust your site if it has a straightforward layout. 

The best method to ensure everyone can use your website is to strip it down to its barest essentials. Older viewers may have trouble following the narrative against a colourful background. Younger customers are also more inclined to tune out lengthy text passages with little breaks between paragraphs.

  1. Websites with a Simple Layout Tend to Have Higher Conversion Rates 

Effortless designs that don’t try too hard to stick out perform better than complex ones at generating conversions. Trying every conceivable method of increasing sales can be tempting, but doing so can backfire.  

After simplifying their stores’ user interfaces, many online retailers report significant increases in sales. 

Sites with flashy designs have lower conversion rates, while those with a more straightforward layout make it easier for customers to complete purchases. You can still use lots of vivid colours and media on your site without worrying about this.  

In addition, customers won’t feel obliged to do anything to find the information they need. 

  1. Unnecessary Elements Should Not Divert Website Users 

Reduce the time users have to scroll to access the content they came for. Due to this fact, the site’s menu or navigation bar is crucial. Most site visitors know exactly what they’re looking for when they arrive. 

Your site’s visitors won’t like being unsure about what to do next. A person’s likelihood of making a choice decreases as the number of available possibilities rises. Having too much fluff and advertising on your website will reduce its usefulness.

  1. Web Pages with a Minimal Design Will Always Be in Style 

One of the few constants since the beginning of the Internet has been the importance of a user-friendly and straightforward web design. The less complicated your layout is, the longer you can wait before you need to update it because it won’t look dated as fast. It’s common for business owners to disregard their websites for long periods. 

  1. Simple Designs Easily Meets User Expectations 

Probably the most noticeable similarity between your favourite online stores is their layouts and styles. This is because they use tried-and-true layout principles that have been shown to boost revenue.  

For site users to complete their intended tasks, they do not require further guidance in browsing your website. Even if they have never shopped with you, they have a higher propensity to do so after their most recent experience. 

If your website drastically departs from accepted practices, visitors will likely view it as unprofessional rather than innovative. The presence of menus or navigation bars at the top of each page is a standard expectation.  

Except that some controls or data weren’t where they expected them to be, they won’t take away anything valuable from their experience. 


A simplified website design is the best one to use because it is easier to handle and navigate and less likely to confuse or overwhelm users. A streamlined design also allows users to easily and quickly find the information they need. 

At BaseHost, we have more than just a fundamental understanding of website design. We provide customised solutions and 24/7 support to fulfil your needs wherever and whenever they arise, whether to educate, inform, sell, or entertain. We are dedicated to startups and can assist your tiny Australian business in growing into something far larger than you can imagine. 

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