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Sometimes you just want to manage it your way.

Setting up a hosting environment can be a little tricky sometimes. Sure, you know all the parts that you need to make it work, you can go to each individual vendor, buy their software and either pay them to configure it or follow their manuals and do it yourself – but why? We’ve done it ourselves, many times, and it’s painful. Whilst a vendor will happily take your money to configure their piece of the puzzle, they wipe their hands when it comes to why their software isn’t working that well with the next one. Therein lies the challenge of most folks who try and setup their own environment. Now we’re not in the business of giving away our clients to our competitors however we realise that not everyone wants to be a reseller nor do they have the time and patience to setup their own – this is where we come in.

BaseHost have developed a service to help you get up and going with your own hosting environment. Depending on what you intend to sell, this can be a small project or a large one. Apart from the expertise, we have existing relationships with the relevant primary software vendors, we are accredited resellers for the infrastructure environments for the environment to run on and we have extended relationships with the third-party marketplaces to extend the platform as you need it.

Depending on what you decide to sell and how the platform is configured for you there’s then the question of whether you want it supported on an ongoing basis by us as well – we can do that too if you like!

If this interests you, please take the time to fill out the short questionnaire below to help us assess how we can help you and prepare a quotation for you to consider.

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