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Domains – Bulk domain name search

Save time with our bulk domain search service

  • Do you have multiple domain names you’d like to check? Our bulk search feature lets you input as many as 500 domains into the search field
  • Our search tool will then provide you with two results listings: the unavailable domains, and those which are available for registration
  • We offer discounts for multiple domain name registrations

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Identify available domains in bulk


No need to enter multiple domains individually, just upload a file with all your prospective domains listed.


Bulk domain open search shows multiple variations of listed names, and might inspire you with a business name you hadn’t considered!


Filter your search to select top level domain options or only identify exact matches in your list


No need to be chained to a desktop for a bulk domain search, this powerful tool is available on mobile too


Select all available domains for immediate registration with one click


Compare domain prices all in one easy list with bulk domain name search

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Build me a website, but use a template

If you’re looking to get up and running as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible, this option may be for you. We’ll take a preexisting template of your choice, and customize it to suit your needs

Register Domain Name

I’m looking for a unique domain name

Gain access to the very latest in top level domains (TLDs) as soon as they are available and receive a notification about upcoming releases. See something you like? Pre-register to score your perfect domain with BaseHost.

Multiple domain registration

A bulk domain name search often reveals the number of domain names that are very similar in appearance to the one you may be considering. With this in mind, it’s worth noting that if you have an established brand or product, other people may select a domain that looks or sounds very similar to yours in an attempt to leverage your strong brand reputation. This means to sell products or services to customers who may think they are purchasing from your business. Registering multiple, similar domains is a cost effective method of ensuring that your valued customers are always directed back to your business and products.

Multiple file types accepted

If you’ve got a list of domain names to upload as a file, our bulk search tool will accept XLS, CSV or XLSX files

Privacy protection

Our simple to use bulk domain search tool offers the option to add Domain Privacy and Protection features to the domains you select to register.

On a budget?

When using the bulk domain search tool, filter the results by price to identify cheaper domains

This is the equivalent of the Pizza with the lot where you get to choose how it looks, how it tastes and how it functions.

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Consolidate your target market

Spelling errors and typos happen to the best of us, and they could be happening to your customers too. Don’t miss out on potential revenue: consider purchasing alternative spellings to your intended domain name to ensure you’re capturing all attempts to find your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Whoops, I’ve spelled my domain name wrong and registered it by mistake
Once you’ve registered a domain, it’s yours for the predetermined period of time until that registration expires. We recommend registering the correct spelling ASAP if you can, and as we mention above having a close misspelling of your intended domain name is often a savvy business move!
Can I buy more than one domain at a time?
Absolutely. Our search tool will return a list of available domain names, simply select the ones you’d like to register and head to the checkout.

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