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There are many web hosting services available today, so it can get confusing on which provider best suits your needs and budget. To guide you in your selection, here are the critical security features you should consider when choosing the perfect web host for your website.

Security Services: Each Provider Is Different

Not all web hosting services provide the same level of security to their clients. Because of that, you must carefully scrutinise options to pick the one that is best for your needs. After all, you do not want to choose a provider with limited security services or risk overpaying for a service that offers unneeded features for your site.

If you are from the government, retail, or technology industry, you must pay extra attention to your hosting security because 95 per cent of all cyberattacks occur in these three industries alone. Among the total cyberattacks, 43 per cent target small businesses. Thieves do not have a bias towards small companies because they know they have weaker penetrable defence compared to large corporations and companies.

For more specific features, here are some security features you should consider when choosing a hosting provider:

  • Reliable server monitoring. All hosting providers offer server monitoring but differ in terms of how they can effectively protect their clients. Some web hosts do not even offer security features. With that said, make sure you have a dedicated team of IT experts to handle your cybersecurity breaches if you don’t opt to outsource your server monitoring.
  • Manual reboot option. Just like your internet router, a simple reboot of your server can quickly solve the most manageable hosting problems. If your web hosting provider does not offer this, you’ll have a longer waiting time since you have to contact customer support and wait for their team to reboot your server.
  • Easy backup features. The worst part about getting cyber attacks is the risk of losing all your existing data. A web hosting service that offers automatic backup features saves you from a big headache from starting your entire database from scratch. All you need to do is to ask them to restore your data from the last saved information. Make sure to check how often they do their backup. Some offer daily, but some can take longer backups in a monthly interval.
  • SSL availability. Search engines typically look for SSL certificates in websites to help influence their ranking in search engine results pages. As such, if you want to maintain excellent SEO practice, you must pick a hosting service provider with SSL certificates. These services tend to be more expensive, but the increased traffic and added protection are worth their prices.

Security Features Affect Uptime and Downtime

When your security gets breached, the chances are high that you’ll experience downtime, which makes your site content unavailable to anyone. A reliable hosting provider has reduced or shorter downtime compared to those who offer subpar quality security features.

Remember that a server downtime directly affects your revenue. If your customers cannot access your website, you’ll immediately lose their interest. Another thing to ask potential web hosts is how they can solve issues with downtime. The shortest answer is the most attractive one, provided they have proof to confirm it.

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