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Control Panels for Web Hosting – Our Practical Guide

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Cloud Computing, Web Hosting

Although it may all seem like numbers and jargon to you at first, the function of your web hosting is straightforward: it’s a vital method for your business (and your potential customers) to access your website. Acting as an access point for you to enter the digital domain where your website lives—or its “address”—this specific service helps ensure that your pages are always accessible.

Now, while web hosting acts as the chaperone that brings you straight to your website without getting lost and stumbling upon other websites, its approach to accessing isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. In fact, getting direct access to a web server is a rather complex process that requires a certain level of expertise that only developers possess. This is where control panels for web hosting come into the picture.

What are control panels?

To be put them, web server control panels are a user-friendly feature that any business or website owner can use to gain direct access to a web server.

Often available in the form of a user-friendly and easily-accessible graphical user interface (GUI), this specific tool simplifies the website management process so that owners can be more hands-on with their pages. Through this tool’s help, many tasks—such as making changes or adjusting settings—that were previously too complicated for the average user have been simplified, thanks to the use of a command-line interface!

How does it control panel website management work?

Typically, the average web server control panel provides a more manageable experience when dealing with websites by providing easier web server management work systems. In a system that’s both intuitive and simple—such as those supported by BaseHost—a control panel will allow you to handle various processes and tasks, such as:

  1. Domain name management

 Among the different tasks that you’ll need to perform when taking care of your website, the domain management process is one that you’ll need to exercise the most control over because of how vital it is to your online presence. In essence, you will find it hard to have as much control as possible over your website if you cannot manage the very name or URL that people use to access it.

With the help of a control panel, you’ll have a much easier time handling the various tasks concerned with managing and controlling your website’s domain name. With a dependable system, you’ll get to seamlessly perform various tasks like:

  • Keeping all your domain name registrations current
  • Setting up and organising any subdomains
  • Setting up redirects
  • Managing your domain name privacy
  1. Email management

Another nifty function that website domain control panels provide access to is unrestricted email management. Whenever you use your panel, you’ll be able to set up branded email addresses that use the domain name that you’ve purchased—a critical function that helps reinforce your brand. Apart from providing access to customisable email addresses, a server control panel will also allow you to monitor your inbox and remove old accounts with the use of POP3 and IMAP!

  1. Higher-level security work

Today, businesses have been urged to invest in control panel solutions for their businesses because it allows them to control their website’s security features. When you use a server control panel, you’ll be able to gain access to important safety and features like permissions controls and SSL certificates that can help enhance your website’s protection. Beyond access control, you can also make your website much safer as the panels allow you to make backups of your website that will come in handy in case of breakdowns or attacks!


While you may not necessarily have the sharpest sense of web development skills or knowledge, a lack of experience doesn’t need to be a barrier between you and complete control over your web hosting. Through a control panel’s help, you’ll be able to ensure that you get to stay on top of the different aspects of your website and take care of everything from domain name management all the way to security work!

Do you want to outfit your website with a hosting solution that best suits its needs? We provide professional web hosting services in Australia and the US and offer consultations so that you can get started right away. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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