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COVID-19: BaseHost is open for business as usual

by | Mar 29, 2020 | Web Hosting

Like the rest of the world, we are adjusting to a life of social and physical distancing. Thankfully, all of our business and staff are fit and well and we are able to continue operating our business and delivering our services as we usually would.

For staff and client safety, we have adjusted our policy of onsite visits and in-person meetings and in some cases, we’ve had to make some adjustments in how we engage with existing customers and new prospects. Everyone has been more then considerate to this approach and are happy to take advantage of technology to keep these interactions travelling along.

All of our key suppliers have reached out to us and assured us of continuity of supply and service which has been very reassuring as well. In some cases, there has been a shortage of supply of certain physical equipment but in the most part we have overcome this either with alternative goods or some clever adjustment to the way we solve the problems.

All of our staff are working from home and in some cases, we have acquired helpers in the form of extended family and young kids! Our team are professionals and handle this in their stride and every customer we’ve spoken to is none the wiser and still very happy with the speed and quality of support we’re providing.

As a result of the global pandemic and the advice from governments in different countries to direct people to work from home, we have become incredibly busy helping organisations facilitate this and have found ourselves actively working on numerous remote setups for our clients and their staff. This has resulted in a spike in our workload and we have brought on additional support to handle this workload so we can expedite this work for our clients and their staff.

We hope that all of you and your families are safe and well during these unprecedented times and we want to let you know we are here and available to help you whenever you need it.

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