Creative Agency Partnership

These days, it doesn’t just pay to be online. It pays to be in the cloud.

Creative agencies are some of the biggest users of the BaseHost services so of course we absolutely value their services. As a provider of expert services directly to clients, creative agencies have specialty skills in consulting and providing services to customers around the building and development of online assets. BaseHost is able to support these agencies and customers at the point that the assets are ready to go online.

The BaseHost services and teams are geared to support this process by providing high-quality Web Hosting services coupled with a selection of Managed Services to cover the migration of a development site and potentially the ongoing management of the asset if it happens to be a WordPress website.

We find that these services are a good fit with Creative Agencies who normally spend their time consulting and building and less time on the ongoing maintenance and management of the website once it’s gone live.

If you’re a Creative Agency looking to make use of the BaseHost services for your clients, we’d love to have you on board! Take a moment to fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you and tailor a package of services that suits the way you work with your clients.

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