Imagine you run a shop (highly likely as we cater to small businesses). Imagine you go away on holidays. And imagine if unbeknownst to you someone manages to open your store and trade in your absence, relying on the goodwill generated by your business name. Now imagine they keep the profits to themselves.

This may sound far-fetched, but this is precisely what happens with domain names every day. You want a great domain name that represents your business and allows customers to find you with ease. Fail to register it though and sneaky opportunists can seize your name and business reputation. Recognising the value of a great domain name, they may even offer to sell it back to you for a princely sum.

In today’s world, establishing a strong online presence is essential to the success of your small business. And choosing a clear domain name that customers can easily find is the star ingredient upon which that success is based.

How can BaseHost help you?

Directing customers to will lend far more credibility to your offering than www.wordpress/yourbizname. By going the extra mile to register the site you are conveying a sense of trust to your customers, who will learn to see you as more than a fly by night charlatan. If customers can see you as dedicated to your business they’ll soon see you as dedicated to their needs.

But with so many domain registrars on the market, who should you choose? Do you go with the cheapest offering, or the one that provides the very best additional services?

At BaseHost, we believe running a small business is hard enough without choosing between low prices and quality services. Because our domain services are designed to help you build your small business brand, we believe you can have both.

What will you get if you choose BaseHost?

We offer a large range of domain names relevant to small businesses. These are provided through the TPP Wholesale registry, who are highly regarded in the industry, and fully ICANN and AuDa accredited. Partnering with TPP for this service allows us to provide you with an affordable and reliable domain name.

Additionally, we at BaseHost will directly look after your small business by providing:

  • Free renewal reminders;
  • Free DNS hosting;
  • Optional private registration;
  • Domain name parking;
  • Optional domain name locking;
  • Choice of domain extension;
  • 24/7 support.

Because we appreciate that you’ve got a budget to manage, we offer all of these at no hidden cost. So why not conduct a domain name search now to see all the domains we can register for your business.

Why BaseHost?

Offering quality, reliability and 24/7 support at a price that makes sense to small businesses, the choice should be obvious (well, we think so anyway!).

Some bonus tips about domain names:

Because we’re the caring sharing types, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share some domain name tips with you, with a little help from ‘Tay Tay’ herself.

You may recall that Taylor Swift made news in 2015 when she joined a throng of celebrities and businesses to purchase and The reason; to protect her online reputation and stem off any trolls.

While we’re not suggesting your business will be targeted in a similar manner, these actions by Ms Swift show how important it is to manage your online brand. From the small business perspective, it lends credence to an approach of registering multiple domain names which can lead customers back to you from multiple channels. Depending on your budget you may wish to register misspellings of your name, and register the business .com and

Indeed, registering your domain name can be a major bolster to your business if customers are looking for local products and services. It may also help your rankings with search engines.

Even if you’re not quite ready to launch your venture yet, it’s worth parking the domain name for the future.

BaseHost Domain Name Prices

BaseHost provides a huge selection of domains at a hugely competitive price! The pricing for our most popular domains is included here.


$13.40 /1y

  • Global Standard Domain


$38.41 /2y

  • Aussie Corporate Domain



$27.50 /1y

  • Network Domains



$45.03 /1y

  • Corporate Alternative


$27.50 /1y

  • British Country Domain



$27.50 /1y

  • Informative Domains


Start Your Domain Search Here

Key in your brand name in the box below to search for all of the possible domain combinations we can find for you.

Every domain comes with a list of features to make your eyes water

We’re driven by delivering the best value for money to our customers. In fact, we spare no expense so that you get the royal treatment.

Renewal Reminders

Keep track of your domain names with options for free renewal reminders to be sent via email.

Domain Locking

Protect your brand from accidental or intentional transfers of domain ownership.

DNS Hosting

Our advanced DNS solution supports A, CNAME, MX, TXT and AAAA records with 100% automation.

No Hidden Costs

Our dedicated team of web experts are eager to help you fix problems and are at your disposal! Call us anytime for assistance with your website.

Private Registration

Help protect your private and personal information from spammers, fraudsters and telemarketers.

Domain Extensions

Select from a variety of domain name extensions to suit your business needs. With more launching every month.

Domain Parking

Park your domain if you’re not ready to start using it or just want to protect your brand.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated team of web experts are eager to help you fix problems and are at your disposal! Call us anytime for assistance with your website.

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