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Domains – Domain parking

Not ready to launch your website? Secure your perfect domain name until you are

  • Around the world, more than 500,000 new websites are created daily.
  • Your perfect domain may be available now, but for how long? The market is competitive and it’s a jungle out there
  • Talk to BaseHost today about parking domains for free

Buying servers are expensive to run and maintain. Get access to true usage based resources with Amazon AWS Servers.

Domain parking: the cost-effective method of securing your dream domain


Already got a parked domain with another provider? Transferring to BaseHost couldn’t be easier thanks to our user-friendly control panel


BaseHost’s attractive pricing and easy to use control panel makes domain parking fast and easy, even for first timers


Depending on your needs and budget, BaseHost offers free domain parking, or paid parking for up to 100 domains


Purchasing a domain is a small price to pay compared to losing access to a great business idea because someone else got there first


Upgrade to one of our executive packages and benefit from unlimited domains, unlimited storage and many more additional features


Unlimited domain parking time, and we’ll send you a renewal reminder so you don’t lose your registration.

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WordPress Website Management

My site isn’t functioning like it should

Don’t let an unresponsive site cripple your business. Our Performance packages include database optimization and cleanup.

Search Engine Optimisation

I need my site to rank well on Google, stat!

A SEO strategy is an essential tool for business success, but it’s not an overnight process. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, utilizes paid advertisements to bump your site to the top of the listings, generating immediate results.

What is domain parking?

Domain parking is a concept, a way of reserving a specific domain to prevent someone else from registering it. You may have had a great idea for a business, but you’re not in a position to kick it off yet. You check online, and the perfect domain name is available. For a nominal fee, that domain, and therefore your idea, is secured for a predetermined period (Usually 1 – 2 years).

Gauge customer interest

Get an insight into the potential success of your business by tracking visitor statistics and domain hits

Attract attention

Use advertising rather than a blank web page: in the event that you decide to on sell your domain you’ll sell far more quickly

Get your domain working for you

Advertise products or services aligned with your domain name, and earn revenue from your parked domain

Our WordPress Web Hosting plans are perfectly optimised to run your WordPress website.

All of our WordPress Hosting packages are delivered across 5 worldwide hosting nodes from AWS and all come equipped with the very useful WordPress toolkit from Plesk which is the panel that we use to run our hosting platforms. Our 24×7 support team are equipped with WordPress skills and can be reached by phone, live chat and tickets to help you at any time of the day.

Monetizing your parked domains

Also known as cash parking, this is the practice involves posting advertisements on a parked web domain and generating revenue on a per click basis. It’s a great way to leverage an income from your parked domain, and also a good indicator of how many visitors are landing on your site.

We all know the apps, we’ve been using them for decades!

Get access to the latest versions online or on your desktop and boost your productivity!

Frequently asked questions

Is a parked domain the same as a redirect?
No. A parked domain will not lead you to a website, or simply shows a single page that may be blank or show as being under construction. On the other hand, a redirected domain will funnel a visitor to another domain.
Are parked domains safe from Malware?
There are risks associated with parked domains that are monetized with advertisements as hackers can use these ads to hide malicious code. Consider running a WHOIS look up just to be safe. To find out more about WHOIS Privacy Protection, click here.

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