Move over Ron Burgundy. Drupal Portal is kind of a big deal in 21st century news reporting. You see, they’ve got the task of powering websites for The Economist, The and The White House.

Drupal Portal is a seriously powerful open source content management system, written in PHP. It’s got a range of features that contribute to some pretty impressive websites. And while it’s not quite at Wix and WordPress domination yet, it’s certainly growing in popularity.

With over 2,000 free themes on offer, Drupal has something for any small business.

How can BaseHost help you?

Everyone has their favourite tool that they’re comfortable with and love to use. At BaseHost, we don’t like to discriminate against personal preference which is why we try to offer most of the popular technology platforms for our clients to install for free!

Drupal has a growing following and is supported by a large online community which delivers plugins and themes – both paid and free.

What will you get if you choose BaseHost?

Choosing BaseHost as your website hosting option opens up a world of opportunity to you. We’ve gathered together the best small business products on the web, like Drupal, and packaged them so that you can build your business, while we build your online domination! Before you know it you’ll have many leather bound books and an apartment smelling of rich mahogany.

What will you pay?

We cannot tell a lie. Drupal Portal itself is free to install and free to run. The only cost to you is the storage, meaning this will just form part of your existing hosting quota. A better small business outcome than the Federal budget if you ask us!

When do you pay?

You won’t believe this, but at BaseHost, we’ll never ask you to pay upfront for anything. Instead, we spread the costs monthly over your contractual term to keep things manageable.

Why BaseHost?

We love designing and hosting great websites. And we love supporting small businesses. That’s why we offer a hassle free, efficient and cost effective service that works for you.

Unlike milk on a hot day, BaseHost will never be a bad choice.

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