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We’ve compiled a list of questions asked by our customers and the answers that we’ve provided to them to save you the effort of having to ask again!

How does the Design-As-A-Service product compare to buying a website outright?

A small fencing contractor wants a website to display their work and attract new business.

Option 1 – A typical web designer would want to charge $2000 to build the site plus $30 per month to have it hosted somewhere. Any changes after the initial build would be charged per hour (typically we’ve seen this around $40/hr)

Option 2 – We charge $200/m (this is for a 12m term – it’s cheaper again for longer contract terms) from the time they sign up – this fee includes the hosting, a domain name (one of the standard top level extensions like .com or and 1 email account (with full synchronisation of contacts, calendars, tasks, etc to phones, tablets, computers, etc). The addition of a “Starter” managed service of $30/m enables up to 6 hours of work that we will do on that site after the initial build is completed.

To compare the two, we will assume a period of 12m and an average of 2 hours of changes requested every month. The total costs are:

Option 1 (Typical Website Build): $3320 in Year 1

Option 2 (Our Approach) : $2760 in Year 1

Apart from the obvious cost saving, the other consideration to be mindful of is the cashflow – Option 1 requires a significant upfront investment whereas Option 2 allows for this to be spread across a 12 month period.

For Option 2, the client is also entitled to do several things at the end of their contract term.

  1. Take us up on our Revitalise Guarantee (where we give your website and update and refresh at the completion of your contract term if you agree to stay on with us)
  2. Keep your website exactly as it is and switch back to just a hosting fee of $38/m and managed it yourself
  3. Take your website and have it managed by someone else and hosted elsewhere (we simply provide a backup of your site and it’s database and provide it to you)
  4. Cancel the service altogether
  5. The reason for our approach is one of true partnership where we want to help you right throughout your journey whilst being mindful of cashflow headaches! (No matter how big your business is, this is a challenge we all encounter at least once). We also don’t want you to feel locked in to us at the end of your contract – after all, the website is yours – you’ve paid for it!

Why does a Small Business need a Cloud Server at all?

Not every small business has a need for a server – let alone a Cloud Server. It’s also important to point out that unless there is a need for one, don’t waste your money and effort on one.

Some small businesses do however need one. This need is typically driven from software that a business requires to be installed, accessible and running. Most small businesses generally run this on a standard computer in their office or for the advanced organisations, they have a server installed and running from their office. If the software is important, the business would need to consider reliability of power to the office and the availability of an IT support person to help out if the hardware fails or if the device was infected with a virus.

Starting to sound complicated and a bit of a headache? Of course it is. Most small businesses don’t have the time or energy to focus on this sort of thing which is why a Cloud Server becomes a useful consideration. It takes the dependency of reliable power, a clean (uninfected) system and a reliable and available IT person to help out when you need them.

We present the servers with minimal management to give you the opportunity to handle it yourself – if you like. Alternatively we have a range of Managed Services packages to let our qualified staff take over the basics for you.

How does the Business File Sharing product work if I have multiple staff?

Our service is different to others on the market. We sell the access to use the software along with a capacity limit (storage) to go with it. There is no user limit to how many people can access the service once you’ve set them up.

Why is the same software more expensive on different servers?

The operating systems and applications that attract a fee with our Cloud Server products are charged in multiple amounts based on the number of CPU’s available to the server. Therefore, as the servers change in size and capacity (typically dictated by the number of vCPU’s available to the server) the price of that software add on will also change. As much as we would like to try and offer a uniform price for this, we are governed by our third-party software vendors with these limitations.

How is excess data charged?

We try and provide a generous amount of data with every single product that needs data to operate. Every product is different in it’s usage pattern so we base the included amount on what average usage is typically expected to be and then add a whole lot more as a buffer to avoid you exceeding your quota. However is you happen to be one of those exceptional businesses that finds a way to use data in ways we never dreamed about, then there is a good chance that you might exceed your quota and bump into our excess data charges. It’s important to note, that data is only charged from our servers over the internet and back down to you or the people who are using your service – otherwise known as download or downstream traffic.

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