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I need my website to generate more business

It’s competitive out there, and the marketplace can be. They key thing to remember is that while there are other businesses in your market, nobody is doing it quite like you. BaseHost has the tools used to build brand awareness in order to boost search engine rankings and create audience engagement.

Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you to drive traffic to your website, create authentic leads and facilitate sales conversions.

How will a website boost my business?

Unique design

Our designers will give your site a new fresh l the visual style of your website around your business and brand identity, and structure it to enhance the visitor experience.


Our customer service team really is 24/7! We guarantee a 99.9% uptime on your site; after all, it needs to be working hard even when you’re not.

Creative, well written content

Content is what drives SEO rankings, and our experienced copywriters take the time to understand your target audience and create content that delivers a strong brand message designed to market your unique selling points

Custom domain name

Not sure where to start? We can help you choose a domain name, purchase it and grow your brand

Aesthetics and functionality

A BaseHost website is designed to reduce customer effort. We build well laid out, visually appealing sites that read well, and are designed to guide your customer to the service they are looking for


Don’t need the hassle of managing your own server? Keep it simple. BaseHost offer enterprise grade hosting to suit a range of budgets

Here’s the full list of things we think you could use

Our job is to ensure that you’re a successful business with an abundance of capabilities through the use of smart tools and technology. We’ve compiled a list of the services we think would suit you best based on where you’re at in your business lifecycle

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular web building platform in the world – by a long way! Our team of designers and developers have loads of experience in designing and building beautiful websites. BaseHost specialises in WordPress website development. Whether you’re looking to build a site yourself, pull a design off the shelf or let our team craft something completely custom for you, we have a solution!

Explore all our WordPress Websites services:

Business Marketing

We appreciate the time pressures most businesses have. Most of our customers have zero time to dedicated to writing well thought-out content that’s ready to use to promote your business online. Those same time pressures impact your ability to communicate regularly with your customers. Our Business Marketing services are the perfect augmentation to support your business and your customers.

Explore all our Business Marketing services:


The Hubspot CRM platform has all the tools your growing enterprise needs for sales, marketing and customer service. BaseHost are a Gold Solutions partner which means we have expertise in delivering and managing this platform for customers. We offer a range of fixed price implementation services along with ongoing managed services to operate the platform for your business.

Explore all our Hubspot services:

Computer Support

Whether your a single-person business or a large enterprise, you or your teams will use IT systems and inevitably, they will break! Traditionally, organisations have called on their internal IT teams or a local IT person to help out. Our service is designed to cut through the delay time in getting help and remove the bill shock of asking for help.

Explore all our Computer Support services:

Domain Names

Domain names are an incredibly important part of the internet and a very crucial part to your brand experience online. Securing your branded domain name and making sure you keep control of it is very important to your business. We can supply a huge range of different domain extensions for registration that are easily purchased and managed through our client portal.

Explore all our Domain Names services:

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a hugely important part of the success of any good website. Not only does it need to be reliable, it needs to deliver your website quickly to give your customers a great experience. Our entire hosting platform is built with this in mind. From our selection of vendor partners to the components used to operate our clients’ websites, our Managed Hosting services deliver massive value for money and allow you to sleep easy knowing your site is in good hands!

Explore all our Web Hosting services:

Frequently asked questions

Why is lead generation important?
Qualified leads become customers, which generates revenue and allows your business to grow! No lead generation, no customers.
What’s the problem with my website? Where are things going wrong?
Let us conduct an audit of your site, and provide you with a real time dashboard of user traffic to your site. We can tell you where potential customers are getting stuck, and what we can do to improve their user experience and drive sales conversion
How do I know its working?
Other than money in the bank? We use analytics to track and record where your leads come from, so we can help you spend your money wisely and get the most bang for your buck.

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