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Getting All the Services You Need Under One Roof

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Managed Services

Most startups and small businesses need various types of services. Starting from domain hosting, to web designing and development, they need hosting for their website and SEO. Next in line, they require marketing for their business and content writing for their blogs. If they are running an e-commerce business, they need to have an e-commerce platform installed. Therefore, most businesses have different vendors for each of the services. But is that the best way to go?

If one is not tech-savvy, managing various contractors for various tasks can be quite stressful and they might find themselves losing track of all of them. It creates massive anxiety for people that are already technophobes with not knowing who is responsible for their accounts and sites, and secondly it is probably costing them a small fortune with every supplier charging a premium for the small piece they do.

If you own a business, having a website should be one of the primary steps. This is where you showcase your service to your potential customers. If your website is not top-notch, chances are you lose their interest. In order to captivate them, you not only need your site to be an eye candy but also to have the proper content. And not to mention a logo that goes along with your business.

However, what if you already have a website? Are you good to go? Not quite. You need to get it running so that every visit turns out to be a sale. Therefore your site needs to be built for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This will ensure customers find your business at the get-go, as it boosts your visibility to people. Having a social media campaign further legitimises your business to people. How many vendors will you deal with for all such services?

Balancing both IT and your business might be too much on your plate. Will you have ample time to reboot and backup data every now and then? A tech disaster is inevitable, and if you do not know your way around it, nor have an appropriate way of mitigating it in a timely manner, your business might face severe backlashes.

Come to think of it, would it not be feasible and wise to have one vendor for all your services? Consequently, you would not have to call several people for several problems that spring up, but can just simply call one place and get all the complications over with. Also, in terms of payment, keeping the record of all the bills you paid and are yet to pay can pretty well give you a headache. Having a one-stop service means you get one bill stating all the quotations.

Not only would it be hassle free but also economic to a great extent. It would do wonders if clients complained about a plethora of issues to a single business and they tackled them head-on. With permission, this could lead to companies assisting clients by acting on their behalf and immediately contacting and reaching out to each supplier for the details they need and migrate the clients in quickly without interruption. As a result, at the end of it all, clients get one single provider, one bill, one support team and usually a cheaper price and better service than they had before.

BaseHost helps you from designing your logo to designing your modern day website, where customers get all the necessary information at the onset. In case you need content writers, BaseHost will happily get it done. So better not lose hair over website hosting and backing-up data because BaseHost is here to do so. A server is available as well if need be and you also get your business up and running with SEO. Want social media campaigns? You got it! And all for a very reasonable price. With a 24/7 customer support, BaseHost is not just with you till the job is completed, but for as long as you want them to. Let BaseHost take care of the technical stuff while you go out there and conquer the world.

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