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How to Create Stunning Website Visuals for the Holiday Seasons

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Design, Online Branding, Web Hosting, Wordpress

How to Create Stunning Website Visuals for the Holiday Season

Click through to any eCommerce website, and vibrant reds and greens, animated snowfall, and holiday chimes are likely to greet you. In the first week of December, you’ll want to start re-developing visual branding in preparation for holiday discounts and sales. Skew your site design to cater to a fun and festive mood that inspires a celebratory spirit—and business!

Tip 1 – Incorporate Seasonal Photography

The best way to pepper your website with a seasonal touch is through holiday photography. If you sell physical products, festively highlight them—place them on a bed of holly or against a seasonal backdrop.

Adorn your social media and promotional material with reindeer, snowmen, and red ribbons—but practise restraint. Ultimately, your products should remain the star of the show.

Tip 2 – Inject Holiday Elements Into Your Website

Your web page design need not remain the same all-year-round. Don’t hesitate to dress your website according to the changing seasons.

Create banners adorned with string lights, pine leaves, and snowflakes. Be mindful of keeping your brand elements consistent. You want to keep your website recognisable and according to your brand guidelines.

Tip 3 – Create Christmas-Themed Social Media Templates

No holiday sale is complete without a social media campaign. Create a branded theme with a seasonal variation.

If you utilise several platforms, an editorial calendar can streamline publications. Remember, Instagram dimensions will differ from that of Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it will allow you to keep up with copy and revisions.

Provide access to this calendar to everyone in your creatives department to promote seamless collaboration. By creating a unified space, revisions won’t take any longer than they should.

Tip 4 – Don’t Procrastinate

For most businesses, December is the month of opportunity—it’s also the most hectic. Don’t wait to think up a promotional graphic with an enticing copy the night before a sale. When it comes to seasonal content, you’ll want to take advantage of the ample time you have to develop your campaign.

Discounts are attractive—but not as effective as they could be if you aren’t building tension weeks before you launch your holiday sale. Give consumers something to anticipate by teasing your bestselling products and services.

Tip 5 – Skew Your Copy

Holiday-forward elements aren’t limited to visuals. Enhance eye-popping visuals with a relevant call to action (CTA), such as “Check out our twelve festive days of surprises!” or “Tis the season to shop discounts!” Keep it bright, enticing, and jolly.

Tip 6 – Consider Last Year’s Success

Growing businesses are always doing something new—but it doesn’t mean you need to abandon previous successes. What types of content generated the most traffic? Which copy converted best? Upgrade them to suit this year’s theme or mantra.


As celebratory as the holiday season can be, it is just as much a challenge for small business owners looking to amp up their marketing campaigns. As a rule of thumb, allow yourself to think months ahead—over-preparing trumps being ill-disposed to handle an influx of orders and inquiries.

Get ahead of your competitors with website design services from experts who know holidays. Our talented staff at BaseHost know all about holiday themes that click and can apply these elements to your hand-built website.

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