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How to Execute Website Design Changes for the Holidays

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Design, Web Hosting

Operating an eCommerce website necessitates ongoing attention to the winter holidays, as holiday traffic is vital to your store’s growth and profitability. Now, as the holiday season is fast approaching, you should think about how your site will appear and perform throughout the forthcoming peak sales season to attract more visitors and close sales. 

Read on to discover the steps for developing a holiday website design that will direct visitors to seasonal specials, offer them relevant content, and increase your sales. 

Creating a Successful Holiday Website with Astute Marketing 

The quantity and timing of your holiday specials are governed by your clients’ purchasing habits and shipment schedules—a discount too soon to Christmas may prevent them from donating. Create a written plan and mark it on your calendar. So, you must decide how much revenue you want to make throughout the holiday season. 

You must also decide whether your promotions will give increasing discounts, such as 50% off selected items one day and 60% off the following. Predicting your return on investment is more complicated than computing a simple flat-rate discount. 

Plan For Your Design and Development Assets  

After you’ve decided on the dates of your holiday sales events and the extent to which the discounts will change, you can start compiling a list of all the assets you’ll need. Use unique artwork and wording for each sale to keep things fresh throughout the season. 

Prepare all artwork required to promote bargains with escalating discounts, such as 25%, 40%, and 60% off banners. You’ll also need to budget for the development and testing required to ensure that timed offer adjustments on your site go smoothly.  

But while your product is so well-known that you don’t need to make any offers, you may still use the holidays to beautify your website and attract new visitors. 

The Holiday Web Design Checklist 

Crafting your new website for the holidays may be fun for both you and your customers. But keep in mind that seasonal modifications to your website must correspond to your sales objectives. You can accomplish this through the following suggestions: 

  • Be Consistent 

Simple tweaks to your logo, such as Christmas-themed graphics and a bow or string of holiday lights, can help improve the seasonal attractiveness of your business. Changes to brand aspects such as website fonts, photography style, or logo design, on the other hand, should be avoided. You want to reassure hurried shoppers that they’ve arrived at the right place. 

  • Be Inclusive 

The more comprehensive your photographs, graphics, and content are, the more clients you will attract. Being specialised is essential for a store that focuses on seasonal gifts and décor (Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Yule, etc.) 

  • Offer Anything unique 

Convince visitors to your homepage to want to buy something. Make your best-selling item the homepage’s hero image, and include celebratory elements. If your store has many products, make it a point to highlight offers on the homepage to entice shoppers. 

  • Be Detailed 

Will your customers’ orders arrive on time? Include holiday shipping and delivery information under the Add to Cart button. You can also post a banner encouraging customers to place their orders before the deadline. 

  • Improve the Purchasing Procedures 

Simplifying the checkout process will help you convert more clients. Consider adding alternative payment methods to avoid clients entering credit card information while making purchases from you. 

  • Confirm with Your Host 

It’s encouraging to see holiday shoppers, but you should check with your host provider if your website can handle heavy internet traffic. After all, nobody wants website downtime. If you believe that holiday site traffic will exceed the limits of your existing hosting plan,  consider upgrading. 


Every eCommerce business owner looks forward to the opportunity of raising more funds, increasing revenue, and even cutting the ROI time in half! If you’re one of them, then it’s about time to assess your plan for the upcoming holidays. This means looking into your financial standing by setting feasible promotions and discounts, which will not only increase web traffic but also attract new customers and retain existing ones. Once you map out and execute your plan, your desired results will come rolling in. 

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