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How to get your business online without the financial stress

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Design, Web Hosting

Does your small business have a website?

If you don’t have a website, are you aware that “consumers are increasingly relying on internet research, with approximately 81% looking online before making a major purchase.”

In the modern world, websites matter. Of course, as Forbes counter:

“If you have a bad website it is better to have no website. While no website equals missed opportunities, a bad website can actually be worse since it literally makes your business look bad.”

So if you do have a website, you really need to be asking yourself if it’s doing a good enough job of selling your brand. If not, it may be time to upgrade.

Before you cry budget, we get it. With Investopedia listing money management as one of the five biggest challenges facing small businesses, being asked to pay anywhere from $1,500 upfront for a website can sting. Chances are you’ll also need to fork out extra each month for hosting, and any changes after the initial build will be charged at an hourly rate ($40ph on average). Ouch.

We’re a small business too. We’ve scrimped and saved to get where we are today. Which is why when we say that we understand, we really do understand. And it’s why we’ve set up our Design as a Service and Storefront as a Service packages.

Our proposition is to change the way Australia’s small businesses develop their websites and storefronts. We don’t just design and host, we provide the tools and expertise to run your website and get the best performance out of it. And we spread the costs over the course of a fixed period.

In addition to a sparkly new website that attracts new business, you’ll also benefit from a business email and a personalised domain name to bolster your online presence.

At the end of the contractual period you’ll be offered our Revitalise Guarantee, whereby if you agree to renew your Design as a Service package, we’ll refresh and update your website for you at no extra cost. Of course, if your circumstances change, you won’t be locked in at the end of your contract – though you will get to keep your website. We’ll back it all up so you can take it with you, or keep it on hand for later.


In today’s digital world, your website is your first impression. It’s also available 24/7, meaning you can work and sleep all at once. However, having a poor or out of date website can be just be as damaging to your business as not having a website. So if you haven’t updated for a while, now is the time.

Recognising that not every business can meet a large initial outlay, our Design as a Service and Storefront as a Servicepackages allow you to benefit, without the financial burden. They also include personalized email addresses and domains for brand consistency and recognition.

At BaseHost, we’re committed to partnering with your business and seeing you succeed. Think of us as the antidote to your cash flow headaches.

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