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How Your Web Hosting Can Affect Your Website’s SEO Performance

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Design, Online Branding, SEO, Web Hosting, Wordpress

In today’s digitally-driven business landscape, nothing has clearly defined a business’s chance at success than its ability to use its available array of digital tools.

From social media marketing tools to video content, the number of different ways that the average Australian company can tap into the online market is nearly endless. When used correctly, these online tools can be used to even out the playing field for any industry to the point where smaller companies can compete against larger-scale players with relative ease!

Among the different digital marketing tools that you can utilise to succeed over your competition, there’s one that stands out from the rest: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What makes for successful SEO?

Within the past few years alone, it has set the pace for success in more ways than professionals can count because of the crucial difference it makes in a company’s visibility.

By taking the time to tailor your website and fine-tune its specifics to bring your rankings higher up the search results, you get to rake in more traffic and profit by reaching out to more paying customers. However, it’s worth noting that the idea of your website’s SEO performance is a microcosm of various factors, such as your content and backlinks.

Although various factors involved each bear their weight on the success of a business’s ranking performance, there’s one crucial detail that lends more impacts than most expect: web hosting.

The different aspects of web hosting that can affect your website’s ranking performance

Understanding what specific components affect the way your website climbs the search engine rankings is all about knowing the different details involved. While some may argue that good hosting alone is enough to take care of that specified aspects, the truth is that maximising your chosen solution for better SEO also entails knowing what to keep an eye on.

If you’re looking to take your website’s performance to new heights on the terms it’s trying to rank for, here’s a guide to the two web hosting factors to watch out for:

Factor #1: Your website speed

In the digital marketing world, the web hosting solution you choose and the speed of your website both go hand-in-hand, and your SEO performance also gets affected by this relationship.

Search engines have become far more particular over the speed of a website’s loading time because this factor affects the experience that a user has on the page itself. However, what makes this aspect a determining factor of SEO success is that search engines now reward websites for upholding top-quality experiences, which is where faster website load times play a pivotal role.

With the help of a dependable hosting solution—such as BaseHost—you can start bumping up your search engine ranking by speeding up your loading times well enough to keep visitors coming back for more!

Factor #2: Website downtimes (or the lack thereof)

Apart from slow websites, another rank-pulling factor of website hosting that will force you to invest in a better solution is the possibility of incurring website downtimes.

Although many may believe that a slow website means a slow and painful death for the goal of achieving higher search engine rankings, pages that don’t load as expected will face an even bigger problem. It is for this reason that website owners are urged to invest in top-quality hosting services because a minimised risk of downtime is rewarded with better SEO performance!


When it comes to achieving better SEO performance for your website, there’s no crucial detail more valuable than your web hosting, which is why you must invest in the best option for your needs. By taking the time to follow this guide and making the necessary investments closely, you can further improve your rankings and results without doing anything drastic along the way!

Are you looking to outfit your website with a hosting solution that best suits its needs? We provide professional web hosting services in Australia and the US and offer consultations so that you can get started right away. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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