I'm a Tradie and need a Website

How will new people find you? We'll build you a site and manage it for you.

I’m a Tradie; I work for myself and have no time for marketing

You’ve got an ABN, a Ute and an encyclopedic knowledge of every decent lunch bar in a 20km radius, but these days a website and a marketing strategy are just as essential tools-of-the-trade. Sure, you’re used to relying on word of mouth recommendations for your next job, and it hasn’t failed you yet, but the market is a tricky beast and one day the work just might not be there. Your capabilities need to be visible to attract the attention of new clients, and grow your business.

So What Options Do You have?

As a business owner deciding which option is the best is a challenge within itself

01. Cave in to the International telemarketer who catches you at a weak moment; how bad could it be?

  • A visually unappealing, poorly laid out website will do more harm than good. Does it include a branded email and domain name, or are you still using trady@bigpond.com? Customer perception is everything.
  • Platforms hosted overseas might be cheaper, but they’re prone to connectivity issues and slower than your Nan’s 87 Nissan Micra. Nothing is more frustrating as a customer than waiting for images to load when you just want to find someone to tile your bathroom.
  • When said connectivity issues occur, or you need new customer feedback added, or any changes at all; don’t be surprised if Rajesh doesn’t answer the phone. He’s probably still asleep.

02. Your mate knows a guy who’s missus does a bit of graphic design/ site building from home in between looking after the kids.

  • You’ve hashed out the details, paid upfront and you’re anticipating your new site being up and running in a week or so. That is, until one of the children develops a nasty looking rash and your site gets put on the backburner.
  • 3 months later and you’ve got a site of sorts up on the net, but you’re still getting the “page not found” error on your contact us form. Not ideal.
  • You’ve got new photos and some great customer reviews you want to get uploaded ASAP but its school holidays, and your web designer is suddenly harder to nail down than a consistent game from North Melbourne.

03. You decide not to cheap out but invest in a great website from the get go, thinking it’ll save you money in the long run.

  • You find a local company offering everything you’re looking for; they charge like a wounded bull, but you tell yourself it’s an investment and bite the bullet.
  • 2 weeks in and you’ve had so many coffee meetings to discuss the “concept” you’re now on a first name basis with the staff at Slowpoke Espresso.
  • You’re website is live and looking good, but the end product has changed significantly thanks to all the suggestions from the design team, and the final invoice is double what was originally quoted. FYI; the coffee wasn’t actually free.

04. You’re not really 100% sure what’s involved in getting a website up and running, but you’ve found a local provider who seems to tick all the boxes.

  • One week later, and they’ve built you a fantastic site, you’ve paid your invoice and you’re ready to roll. So far so good!
  • It turns out there’s a bit more to it than just the actual website itself. You need a hosting platform to actually get it on the internet.
  • Week three and you’re Googling “Domain names” and “what is SEO”, trying to find out if you can connect email to your site, and unsure what to do if you need to make any changes to the content.
  • You call the provider with a list of queries only to find that they “just build sites”, they don’t actually help you to get online or market your business.

Or Go Straight to the Smart Option

Say hello to BaseHost. We’re local, we know our stuff and we’re available to help 24/7 (Yes, really!!). We’ll build you a website that looks fantastic, and does exactly what you need it to do; showcase your work and sell your services. A typical project includes a website with 5-10 pages (we can write the content if you like) plus the services around it to support it including a logo, the web hosting to run the site, Office 365 email for email that sync’s across all your devices and last but not least, backup services to keep you protected!

Here’s what we think you need



Only available to new customers.

  • Stand out from the crowd with a ripping good logo for your uniform, car/van/ute and anything else you want to stick it on!


Available to all customers.

  • Get your website do all the heavy lifting whilst you're on the job. A well designed site will showcase your skills and generate your next job.


Only available to new customers.

  • Your polished website needs to live somewhere for people to see it. Host in Australia with us. A locally hosted website will load faster for your customers.


Only available to new customers.

  • Having a business email address is almost as important as a mobile number. Don't waste time advertising Google, Hotmail or Bigpond, get your branded Office 365 email address.


Available to all customers.

  • Nothing worse than breaking or losing your phone only to find out you forgot to back it up. Our Cloud backup services keeps you protected on the go.

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