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Interesting Signs Your Simple Website Is Due for a Makeover

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Design

In an ideal situation, the WordPress site of a business would be given regular attention, whether once a week or once a month. Unfortunately, the reality is that with busy schedules and economic concerns, the website’s upkeep needs to be addressed. This can result in an outdated or slow-running website that could be greatly improved with a maintenance plan. 

The proverb “the cobbler’s children have the worst shoes” describes a situation in which someone whose job is to help others cannot find the time to help themselves. In this case, WordPress developers and designers, who help others create websites, often need to remember to give their sites the attention they need. 

This article will provide five indications that your simple website needs various improvements. We will explain how this problem can appear and provide advice on how to fix it. 

Let’s begin: 

Sign 1: It’s Broken 

This means that instead of just saying something is broken, it is important to identify what is wrong and how it is not working like it’s not performing the tasks it was designed to do. It could be a problem with the design, layout, or content. This allows for more specific solutions to be applied to the issue. If you need help with the technical setup, it may be time to re-evaluate the tools and processes you are using. 

Sign 2: It’s Inaccessible for Mobile 

Have you checked how your site looks on different devices recently? Nowadays, having a website that looks great on all devices is no longer an option. Mobile devices overtook desktop usage long ago, and the trend is still strong. If your site doesn’t display properly on mobile, you miss out on many potential visitors. Do you want to make that decision? 

Google has stated that how well your website performs on mobile devices is now critical to their ranking algorithm. If your website is not performing well, it will likely be penalized in the search engine rankings. To see if your website is affected, you can use Google’s tool to measure its performance. 

Sign 3: It Causes Anxiety 

Do you get excited about your simple website, or does it create unease? Does the mere thought of it fill you with joy and enthusiasm, or does it leave you feeling anxious and embarrassed? 

Sign 4: It’s Not Income-Generating 

Websites should be designed to help businesses grow. They should be designed to be trackable and show meaningful results. If the website isn’t performing as expected, it’s time to take action and make changes to help improve performance in areas like SEO, traffic, leads, and revenue. 

By investing in conversion optimization, websites of all sizes can take advantage of an easy-to-implement opportunity for success. 

Sign 5: It’s Asocial 

If your website is not connected to social media platforms or is not getting much traffic from those platforms, it indicates that you should focus more on social media. Start by customizing the content on your WordPress website to make it suitable for social media platforms, then create a plan to ensure future content will be shared on those platforms. 

In Summary 

Websites are the online gateway for netizens to access your products or services. If you notice any of these, it’s time to upgrade! 

Give Your Website an Update with BaseHost 

We are a company based in Australia specializing in web hosting and design. We understand the financial strain that large, upfront payments can cause, so we strive to make our services as accessible and affordable as possible. Get started on building or upgrading your simple website by emailing! 

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