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Knowing the Importance of DNS Protection Against Cyberattacks

by | May 3, 2021 | Cloud Computing, IT Security, Managed Services, Web Hosting

Humans remember names more than numbers, which is why you wouldn’t last a minute on the Internet without DNS. Businesses rely on their websites to boost their online presence and grow their customer base, but none of this would be possible if people aren’t able to access it. Imagine having to memorise IP addresses to visit a website—this would be time-consuming and impossible!

Do you think anyone would take the time to type in “” just to browse your product and service?

What Is DNS?

Imagine if we lived in a world without DNS—it would simply be unimaginable. Fortunately, no one needs to go through this painstaking process; thanks to DNS, all you have to do is enter the name of the website, and you’re in!

The Domain Name System (DNS) is responsible for saving everyone’s time and making it easy to access websites by converting random strings of numbers to a readable domain name. Every online transaction—sending emails, viewing sites, streaming content—begins with looking up a DNS.

The Risk of Cyberattacks

Contrary to what many think, your DNS does not run on autopilot—the DNS architecture is constantly evolving and requires care. Your DNS is an attractive target for cyberattackers, so you must stay vigilant against potential attacks. Overlooking this during your security assessments will increase the chances of falling victim to DNS-related cyberattacks, such as:

  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack
  • DNS rebinding attack
  • Cache poisoning
  • Distributed Reflection DoS attack
  • DNS Tunneling
  • TCP SYN Floods

DNS has become an essential part of online criminal infrastructures because they are cheap and easy to obtain. As such, the number of DNS-related cyberattacks have not only increased but also become much more complex. Hackers are able to redirect users to malicious sites and unknowingly give away confidential information, such as passwords, to gain access to a company’s database.

DNS Security Measures

 Don’t let hackers take advantage of your DNS’ vulnerabilities! Even though DNS is becoming an increasingly attractive target for cybercriminals, you still have a chance to protect your company. The attackers aren’t invincible hackers that can’t be stopped; if you manage the vulnerabilities of your DNS, they won’t have a chance to take advantage of it. You can prevent your company from being a victim of a DNS attack by:

Making Your Resolver Private

 Your resolver should not be open to external users. If you operate on your own resolver, you should restrict the usage to the users connected to your network. This prevents attackers from poisoning your resolver’s cache.

Choose the Right DNS Provider

Your DNS provider is vital to keeping the security of your website. You must choose a provider such as our DNS hosting plan that offers full monitoring for secure back and forth communication between your website and the users.


Your DNS is critical to your business’s success. You need to understand the vulnerabilities of your DNS, address the problems, align your strategies, and take the necessary measures to improve your overall security, so your online operations can run as smoothly as possible.

Are you looking for the right DNS provider for your small business? We at BaseHost have just what you need! Our affordable DNS hosting services can provide you with a constant and uninterrupted online presence. Buy our DNS hosting plan today!


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