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Domains – Latest domain extentions

Access to the very latest top level domains around the world with BaseHost domains

  • Learn about the very latest top-level domains (TLDs) as soon as they are available
  • New domain extensions are created all the time, see what’s coming out with our upcoming releases
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Do yourself and your team a favour, give up those clunky macro-based spreadsheets you’re trying to use to manage your sales pipeline.

The latest TLD categories


Geographic extensions represent, you guessed it, geographical locations. Examples include .london, .NYC etc


Depending on your industry, consider a Community domain like .community or .LGBTQ


Limited access to brand specific TLDs for major companies such as .Nike and .BMW


Internationalised domains (IDNs) allows the use of scripts and accented characters including Chinese and Arabic


Looking for something a little offbeat? Generic extensions with little to no restrictions such as .tattoo or .guru are open for registration


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This is a common story and most IT support organisations will recommend you buy replacements and keep the whole show going. All that really does is locks you into old and inflexible setups for years to come!

New Year, New domain extensions

Right now, domain extensions are no longer limited to the standard .com, .net etc. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has created a new raft of TLDs as a method of offering more for customers to choose from, and to improve competition in the domain market. It’s now possible to register a domain specific to your geographical location, industry, hobby and much more. It’s even possible to register an internationalized domain utilizing scripts.


Beat the crowds by pre-reserving your chosen domain before it’s available for registration

Stand out

Separate your business from the rest with a unique and distinctive domain extension

In the know

Haven’t found a domain that feels like the perfect fit? Check out our “Coming soon” section and watch this space for upcoming releases

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of TLDs does BaseHost offer?

Other than those linked to trademarks, BaseHost will provide access to nearly all the new domain extensions as they become available for registration, or pre-registration. The domain market is constantly growing thanks to new TLDs being added all the time, and we have our finger on the pulse!

Are the new TLDs expensive?

As with established domains, pricing varies. BaseHost shows a current list of pricing alongside our domain checker tool, and upcoming domain releases.

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