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Office365 Mistakes Business Owners Need to Avoid

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Office365

Implementing Office 365 can do wonders for business regardless of its size. Moving to a cloud-based software system offers you benefits such as simplifying processes and transactions, added security, and an increase in efficiency, all the while saving money on data servers and inefficient file sharing methods.

To truly reap the benefits of this highly efficient cloud-based service, however, you’ll need to do some work on your own. Relying solely on specific software to instantly fix your security and productivity issues will do you no good, and you’ll find it hard to get your money’s worth. To maximise the benefits that Office 365 can give you, you’ll want to avoid these mistakes on your end:

Mistake #1: Thinking it’s just for email use

Starting with email when moving to the cloud is a great starting point, but you shouldn’t just leave it at that. Office 365 has much more to offer than just moving email. You can use it for collaborative and remote work, increasing your company’s productivity while your employees work anywhere on any device they have.

Before you implement the system, it’s important to have a goal in mind (and more than just using it for emails). It’s best to consider what your staff might need to work on, such as finding information and then implement changes.

Mistake #2: Overlooking the importance of security

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft does not own all the responsibility surrounding Office 365. Assuming that Microsoft takes care of all your cloud-data is a dangerous assumption, as you still hold all the responsibility for keeping your data safe.

To ensure that your company’s information stays safe and secure, implement a Multi-Factor authentication. Experts also recommend that you check your Office 365 Secure Score routinely, to make sure that everything is in order.

Mistake #3: The unwillingness to change business processes

Adopting Microsoft 365 is a technological leap in itself, but your transformation shouldn’t stop there. Change is hard, especially when it comes to streamlining processes. Your company may perhaps be operating well on outdated strategies, but people who aren’t willing to change much will be engulfed by the progress of tomorrow.

To ensure company success, you need to future-proof now. That means coming up with new strategies that work well with technology. Your cloud-sharing, for instance, should be restructured all together to ensure that everyone remains on the same page. Your previous processes may have banked solely on email attachments, but these days cloud link sharing works best.

While new processes may seem disruptive and difficult to grasp, finding new ways to solve challenges is the way to the future. Even with the best platforms at hand, such as Office 365, any form of reluctance on your end means wasted time and resources.


Moving to Office 365 can be daunting, but the benefits of making the move are undeniable. And while it’s important to invest in technology and get on with the digital times, you must take possible mistakes into consideration. Investing in technology is more than just grasping a piece of software—it entails careful studying, vigilance, and a strong penchant for change.

As long as you put on the necessary work and avoid the mistakes aforementioned, your chances of future-proofing your business are high.

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