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Office365 Support

  • Are you a new business? BaseHost can assist with the setup of Office365
  • Looking for a new online solution for your business? We can migrate your existing email systems to Office365
  • Let’s talk! We’re ready to consult with you on strategy and deployment of Office365, Cloud storage, OneDrive for business and much more

Whether your on Google or some other mail system, we can move your mail quickly and securely to Office365.

The benefits of Office365 for your business


Harness the power of the cloud with Office365 Business. Store, share and access your files from wherever you’re working.


An agile solution for a growing business: Add new users, boost storage capability and tweak services through a user-friendly web-based interface


Workplace collaboration has never been easier thanks to Sharepoint: work online or on your desktop with sync for automatic upload


Small to medium sized business can enjoy a substantial saving on costly inhouse server installation and maintenance with this cloud based alternative.


Access the latest versions of all Microsoft desktop applications with Office365 for business. No costly outlay or time-consuming software updates


Boost productivity no matter where your employees are working from thanks to easy sharing, tracking and management of documents and files.

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Hubspot Service Management

Service is the #1 reason your customers stay!

Without a tool to manage your customer service environment you’re just asking for trouble! An email will go missing, a call won’t get answered and you wouldn’t have a clue how your staff are communicating with your clients. The Hubspot Service Hub tool will not only do all of this, it will share all of this with your sales teams and marketers all in one place!

AWS Servers

You have a fleet of aging servers

This is a common story and most IT support organisations will recommend you buy replacements and keep the whole show going. All that really does is locks you into old and inflexible setups for years to come!

Cloud services made simple

A cloud hosted suite of tools, Office365 from Microsoft is the smart and agile solution for organisations of all sizes. Offering all the usual desktop products we know and love from Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) it comes with a huge array of additional functions that allow complete flexibility no matter where you’re working. Online meetings, file and document sharing via OneDrive and enterprise grade email packages all come together in a customizable, cost effective monthly package.

Cloud-based convenience

Web enabled access to email, calendar, contacts and any file saved in the SharePoint as well as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and more.

Enabled for mobile devices

If you’re an iPhone or an Android user, a PC person or a Mac aficionado, Office365 is optimized for excellent functionality no matter what your weapon of choice is.

Flexibility for uncertain times

We’re all adjusting to the new normal: as a cloud-based application Office365 allows access to files and documents across multiple devices from different locations.

Take a leap into the present and shed that aged set of productivity tools you’ve been using.

The new generation Office365 tools unlock you from your desk and give you and your small team the flexible to work remotely and collaboratively. Apart from getting up to date versions of the Office software (with eligible products) you get access to all of your favourite Microsoft tools in a browser to work on the go from any browser. If that wasn’t enough, you get access to OneDrive and SharePoint to store and manage your business content and avoid having to travel around with portable drives or leaving things locked on your computer.

Your business is in safe hands

As a Microsoft Tier 1 Service Provider, we know our stuff and can handle the migration of any existing infrastructure from end to end. We specialise in supporting small to medium-sized enterprises, and our team of experience and friendly consultants are available 24/7 to support your business with Office365.

Windows 365 is the world’s first Cloud PC.

Windows 365 securely streams your personalized Windows desktop, apps, settings, and content from the cloud to any device.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a difference between Microsoft Azure and Office365?

Yes. Azure is Cloud computing infrastructure which includes analytics, storage and networking. Microsoft Office365 is software as a service which includes Office apps and cloud services. Office365 is regularly upgraded by Microsoft meaning users are always accessing the latest in security and software.

What does an Office365 package with BaseHost include?

Every business is different and has unique challenges which is why BaseHost doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Office365 can include the entire suite of apps including email, all the usual desktop applications as well as SharePoint, Planner and much more. One of our Microsoft experts will provide clear guidance as to what kind of plan would work best for your business.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at 1300 621 888