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Plesk and cPanel—Which One Is the Best Pick for Your Needs

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Design, Online Branding, Web Hosting, Wordpress

There are many web hosting control panels you can find and use—but the two most popular options are cPanel and Plesk.

While they both essentially help you achieve the same goal in managing your website, these solutions both do so a little differently. If you are trying to understand which control panel best suits your needs, then you are in luck; this article will compare cPanel and Plesk together and help you know which one is the best pick for your needs.

1. Responsiveness

Between cPanel and Plesk, cPanel is the more responsive of the two. It loads quickly and offers much higher performance. This is because cPanel is much more optimised and requires much fewer resources to run.

However, this does not mean Plesk is too slow to be effective! In fact, it also runs quickly, offering plenty of performance to keep management an easy and snappy task. It is just that cPanel is a lot faster, making it the more responsive of the two panels—and the prime choice if you want something speedy.

2. User-friendliness

Both Plesk and cPanel are user-friendly, but Plesk has the upper hand in this aspect! That is because cPanel, despite its usability, looks slightly clunkier and outdated. Despite that, cPanel does offer some level of customisation to make the interface much more catered to your preferences. On the other hand, Plesk offers a much cleaner user interface, along with easy-to-use menus, buttons, and other such elements.

If user-friendliness is one of your top factors, then Plesk is the better option for you.

3. Security Features

Plesk and cPanel are both highly secure web hosting control panels. They both have plenty of features to keep things safe from prying eyes and allow for the secure operation of all the activities.

The only difference here is that the security features these solutions both use and offer are slightly different. While many aspects are similar, there are specifics that allow the control panels to cater to certain needs.

To understand more about this, we highly recommend visiting their respective websites to learn more about the security features both options have to offer. All in all, however, they equal in terms of security, and you cannot go wrong with either option.

4. Operating Systems

If there is any major consideration you must remember when deciding between cPanel and Plesk, then it would be the operating system it runs on.

Plesk runs on Windows Servers, along with a few Linux ones. On the other hand, cPanel only runs on Linux. If you are using a Windows Server, then the choice is obvious. If you are using Linux, then you will need to check the specifics of what Linux OS you are using!

Do note that with Plesk, you will need to have different licenses for different operating systems—meaning that you will need to get the right license for the OS you are using.


All the above factors are what you must consider when deciding between Plesk and cPanel as your web hosting control panel. Both are excellent options, and you cannot really go wrong with either. All you need to do to pick the right one is to understand your needs and align these needs with what the control panel offers. Whichever option satisfies the requirements the most, then that is the better option you should be choosing!

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