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Plesk vs. cPanel – Which Control Panel Should You Choose

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Design, Online Branding, Web Hosting, Wordpress

If you are running a WordPress website, but are still looking for a control panel to manage it, then the chances are that you have run into the two most popular options: cPanel and Plesk. You cannot go wrong with either choice, as both offer excellent features.

If you are looking for the more popular option, however, then cPanel is the way to go. As popular as it may be, however, it does not automatically mean it is better than the other!

That being said, if you are wondering which option best fits your needs, we are going to tell you the difference between the two control panels:


As mentioned, cPanel is the more popular option of the two. In fact, it is agreed that cPanel is the most popular control panel ever to exist! That is because it offers an extremely user-friendly control panel that simplifies website management for everyone.

Although it may seem that cPanel is the obvious go-to option since everyone is using it, this does not mean cPanel is the best solution. However, the one advantage it may have over Plesk is the fact that many people know how to use it—and, at the very least, you are well aware of its capabilities. A simple Google search will yield you multiple guides on how-tos, as well as tips-and-tricks on how to use it best.

Aside from that, cPanel can automatically install WordPress for you, albeit through a third-party cPanel module.


While Plesk was previously the direct competitor to cPanel, cPanel was actually bought by Oakley Capital—the owner of Plesk! This means that the same owner owns both products! While this previously stirred quite a bit of backlash due to the change in pricing model for Plesk, it has become an excellent option over the years.

As for what Plesk does, it allows you to host as many different domains as you want, not to mention handling them all with ease. This is one of the most significant advantages Plesk has over cPanel, where cPanel requires you to utilise different features to manage multiple domains. Put simply, Plesk offers a centralised control panel, where everything about the website can be managed from a single point.

Which one is the better option?

While cPanel has been the more popular option of the two, Plesk has improved so significantly that it now does many of the things cPanel does—but arguably, even much better than it.

Plesk offers a much better experience overall, from the management to interface. It also improves on many things, such as the backup system, and offering other capabilities, like using Apache as your main web server.

The only advantage that cPanel has over Plesk is the familiarity of it. To some, this familiarity is the reason they continue to use cPanel, since they do not have to learn anything new to manage their website.


What is the final verdict? That all depends on you!

If you are already familiar with cPanel and cannot bother using a new control panel, there is nothing wrong sticking with the familiar control panel. However, if you are willing to adopt a new, and better, control panel to manage your website much more easily, then try out Plesk. It has everything that cPanel can do—but better. All it takes is to learn the new things that Plesk has to offer, but other than that, you will never regret using Plesk as your WordPress website control panel!

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