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Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate

  • Easily automate repetitive time-consuming workflows with point-and-click simplicity
  • Connect older legacy systems to new ones
  • A better way to get things done across your organization

I’m not interested in a custom-built site, I want to DIY with a Template

What’s included with Microsoft Power Automate?


Hundreds of prebuilt connectors that allow anyone to build processes.


The option to use Power Automate within Microsoft Teams.


A Process Advisor that provides guided recommendations for creating flows that solve bottlenecks.


Robotic process automation (RPA) that allows you to automate mundane tasks with point-and-click simplicity.


The ability to swiftly build and train AI models without writing any code.


Prebuilt components that can be embedded directly into your workflows.

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Template Built Website

Build me a website, but use a template

If you’re looking to get up and running as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible, this option may be for you. We’ll take a preexisting template of your choice, and customize it to suit your needs

Build your own website

Build your own site with our website builder

Create your own customized website layout using our site builder tool without needing to write your own code. Our platform comes with an onboarding video explaining how to use it so you can get started right away.

How does Power Automate help your business?

Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) is a cloud-based software platform that allows users to create and automate workflows and tasks across a wide range of applications and services without the need for custom code. It can help a business streamline and automate various processes, such as data entry, approvals, and communication, by creating workflows that trigger certain actions based on specific conditions. For example, a business could use Power Automate to automatically send an email to a customer when an order is placed, or to create a task in a project management tool when a new customer is added to a CRM system. By automating these types of processes, businesses can save time and resources, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Quick and secure  

Easily automate repetitive, mundane tasks with ease without writing any code.

Automate anywhere

Create and manage flows on the go with the mobile app, or from your desktop or laptop.

Smarter automation

In-built easy-to-train AI to help streamline your business processes.

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Make your business more efficient

Transform your workflows by automating processes. It’s a new way to work, freeing your team from repetitive tasks so they can focus on growing the business.

Host your custom site on a dedicated server

Dedicated servers give you guaranteed performance and a server all to yourself!

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to run Power Automate?
To access Power Automate, you need an Office365 account and a subscription that comes with Power Automate licenses. You can get standalone Power Automate licenses and these work great as add-ons if you already have an existing Office365 work-based subscription.
What are the different types Automated of flows?
You can create cloud flows, desktop flows or business process flows. Once Power Automate is activated, there are thousands of pre-built flows that you can access and implement yourself. Many of these include pre-built flows to Microsoft tools and there are many that include external supported/integrated tools.

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