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Private Label Reseller

  • The web hosting industry is expected to be worth $183.18 billion by 2026
  • Boutique hosting services offering customised hosting solutions is a growing industry niche
  • Private label reseller hosting is cost effective and hassle-free way of entering the hosting market

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Our purpose-built AWS servers running Plesk and Linux are optimised to give your WordPress the site best speeds and reliability.

Why private label reseller hosting?


Simplify your invoicing with integrated billing software provided by BaseHost


Private label or white label hosting means you can separately brand your hosting services to differentiate yourself from the hosting company whose servers you are utilising


As your business develops, private label hosting allows you to scale your hosting resources to accommodate a growing customer base or sites requiring more bandwidth.


Talk to BaseHost about value adding services like domain name and email accounts.


Scale your server up or down to handle spikes in web traffic easily via our easy-to-use control panel.


Reseller hosting offers a steady, profitable income stream with huge earning potential, without the headaches.

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Remote Desktop Support

Unlimited help for a fixed price!

Our expert team is here to help you around the clock on whatever IT problem you might have. Our team is here to ensure you can focus on your work and not get held up with nuisance IT problems.

Template Built Website

Build me a website, but use a template

If you’re looking to get up and running as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible, this option may be for you. We’ll take a preexisting template of your choice, and customize it to suit your needs

Private Label Reseller Hosting explained

Private label, or white label reseller hosting, allows you to build a business selling a hosting service under your own brand name while utilizing another providers’ existing hosting infrastructure. Reseller hosting with BaseHost means you benefit from access to our enterprise grade server infrastructure, our established relationships with software vendors and our many years of hosting experience. We are accredited resellers for the infrastructure environments your hosting business would be based on, and we have excellent relationships with the third-party marketplaces to scale the platform as you need it.

Excellent revenue stream

Offering monthly or annual hosting plans means regular, consistent revenue for your business.

Grow your service offering

Are you a website builder or developer? Hosting services are a natural product offering that perfectly complements your existing service.

Hassle free

Private label reseller hosting with BaseHost means access to our infrastructure, expertise and trouble shooting service techs, meaning you can grow your customer base while everything runs smoothly in the background.

This is the equivalent of the Pizza with the lot where you get to choose how it looks, how it tastes and how it functions.

Our Custom Built WordPress websites are built completely from the ground-up just for you. Built on the DIVI framework, these WordPress sites are completely designed and customised to suit your aesthetic and functional requirements so it fits your business like a glove. The build process is completely immeserve and you’re involved all the way through from design, to functionality to content placement and development with our guiding hand to ensure best practice user experience is delivered at the end.

Private name servers

Private name servers are Domain Name Systems (DNS) servers which can be re-named under your business name, as opposed to being labeled as a BaseHost server. This means you appear as a separate entity from BaseHost for the purposes of running your own hosting business, meaning you can rebrand the services offered as your own.

Grow your organic website ranking

with our comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO services.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any restrictions on my business as a Private Label reseller?

We do require that you agree to our Terms of Services, therefore any restrictions described within the Terms will be applicable to you and your customers.

What name will my clients see on my business documentation?

Private label reseller hosting means your customers will not see any reference to BaseHost on any of their account details. All documentation will show the name of your business only.

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