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A Quick Guide to Creating Effective Domain Names – What to Know

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Online Branding

As simple as it may seem at first glance, the process of choosing a domain name is one that most business owners and digital marketers struggle with because of how important it truly is in the first place.

What’s so important about choosing the right domain name?

Sure, you can have the best website design in the world, a niche market that’s easy to penetrate, or a top-notch back-end. However, what’s it all worth if you don’t have a domain name that’s memorable and effective enough to bring streams of visitors in?

Aside from the fact that a domain name is a mandatory requirement to start up your website, there are several other reasons you should take the process of choosing one seriously, such as:

  1. Your domain name can make or break your SEO efforts

Given the fact that your domain name is one of the first elements that crawlers and users look for, it’s safe to assume it also has a heavy bearing on how well your SEO strategy works. In spite of the fact that exact match domains (EMDs) no longer have the same level of necessity that they used to have, creating a proper domain name with targeted keywords in mind can make a world of difference in your rankings.

  1. Your domain name acts as the first impression that reels users in

Another important factor of choosing the right domain name to work with lies in the fact that it essentially becomes your website’s first impression. This is especially considering that it’s the first aspect of your website that your visitors will see. By ensuring that you have a proper and memorable domain name in place, you’ll be able to create a positive and lasting impression that attracts visitors with ease!

  1. Your domain name is part of your digital branding and brand persona

One of the most important factors to consider when looking at domain names from a perspective of importance is that it also holds a significant bearing on your business’s own brand recognition. It may seem like an incredibly minute detail at first, but domain names are an opportunity to build up your brand and make it much more memorable in the long run!

Tips for choosing the best domain name for the right results

Fortunately, piecing together a strong domain name that helps deliver all the right results for your digital marketing strategy isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Generally speaking, there are a few simple and effective key tips that can help piece together the perfect domain name to work with, such as:

  1. Pay attention to what domain name extension you’re using

In the world of effective domain names, there’s a hierarchy for domain names that remains effective and true to this day:

  • “.com” remains supreme out of all—go for it at all costs
  • “.net” follows after, if “.com” isn’t available or costs too much
  • .org is the best option if you want great results, high availability, and a low price
  1. Keep the domain name as short as you can

There may not exactly be a set rule for getting a great domain name, but a good guide to follow when creating effective ones is to keep the entire thing as short as possible because shorter names are easier to remember. Generally speaking, a great length to stick by when creating your domain name is to follow a limit of 14 characters at most!

  1. Utilize an east-to-spell domain name

If you’re looking to ensure that your domain name will work for your causes and goals instead of against them, then follow this simple test:

  • Come up with a domain name that you’re looking to use
  • Find a random person or friend, say the domain name and ask them to spell it out without showing how it’s written
  • If they have a hard time spelling it correctly, make tweaks or go for a new name until they can correctly spell it with ease


Final words

Outfitting your website with an effective domain name is one of the most simple yet most important tasks that you can undertake to ensure that your strategies always lead to greater results. By taking this guide into mind, you’ll be able to approach the process of choosing a name or rebranding your website with a clearer mindset that’s bound to make every step much easier!

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