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Reasons Why You May Want AWS as Your Cloud Platform

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has reached new heights in recent times, and Amazon Web Services has a firm grasp on the market. Amazon Web Services controls more than 40% of the cloud service market and is the clear leader in the industry. It offers services such as storage, virtual storage, and seventy other features to enterprises for their digital needs. 

COVID-19 has helped to drive more companies towards cloud computing. Amazon Web Services cloud solutions enable you to move your organization to a virtual state. AWS cloud consulting is becoming popular as enterprises are looking to analyze how going virtual with AWS will aid them in terms of harnessing digital technology. 

Reasons Why You May Want AWS as Your Cloud Platform 

1 – Location 

AWS has more than a dozen regions, with the United States, Europe, and Asia leading the way. These regions are strategically placed to cover most of the world’s population. 

You can choose one region or multiple regions, depending on what suits you. Also, you can be assured that AWS is not going to move you to another region without your consent. 

2 – Better Security 

AWS has invested heavily in the security of its platform. It is one of the leading players in the industry, and it has proven its commitment to the security of its customers by addressing the OAuth2 and web application security protocols. 

Even if you have a problem with your in-house security, AWS provides you with an external security assessment to ensure that you have explored all your security options. 

3 – Recovery System 

AWS systems automatically back up your data, and the rest is history. AWS systems backed up data are encrypted, and they are stored in the region’s Amazon S3 buckets. 

This ensures that you have a better chance of recovering your data in the event that your computers go offline. 

4 – Customer Support 

AWS customer support is composed of expert engineers who are ready to assist you at any given time. In addition, AWS has a customer forum that incorporates a majority of the issues that you may face in your AWS systems. These forums are present in a variety of languages, and you can ask questions related to the AWS platform. 

5 – Flexibility of System 

Amazon Web Services provides you with flexibility in your systems, thanks to the multiple options that are available to you. These options include Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Amazon S3, and Amazon RDS. 

6 – Cost-Efficiency 

Amazon Web Services as your cloud platform is more cost-efficient. This is because AWS has partnered with high-end networking and computing services providers that offer services at very affordable costs. 

AWS services are available to you in a range of pricing plans, depending on how much capacity you need. For example, you can buy load balancers in the AWS platform. Some of the AWS pricing plans include free trials with flat-rate pricing, depending on the plan. 


AWS is an excellent platform to have as your cloud platform. It can be tailored to your business needs with the appropriate service provider. Choose an AWS service provider who has a good talent pool, offers clear pricing plans, and gets you the right kind of service. 

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