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Reseller Partners

  • Expand your customer base without the need for expensive advertising and capital advertising
  • Establish a strong, reliable additional revenue stream
  • Boost profits, increase customer satisfaction and facilitate long term relationships

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The benefits of a partnership with BaseHost


We were established in 2009.


Secure, agile and high-performance hosting infrastructure


We are privately held, and employee controlled.


We have data centers in Australia and the USA for best-in-class performance.


Our customers can range from SOHO to Global.


Super-fast load times, 24/7 break-fix support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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The BaseHost Reseller Partner Program

As a BaseHost Reseller Partner, you have access to the latest solutions and services available in the cloud hosting marketplace, designed to help you grow your customer base through value adding services. IN addition, BaseHost also provide training and access to marketing collateral as well as sales tools, ensuring you have the knowledge and expertise to make the most of upsell opportunities.

Simple and straightforward

We offer an established partner program packed with the very latest in hosting service offerings, and we support you with technical assistance and training

Marketing tools

We have a range of marketing resources available as part of our Partner Program, including banners, screenshots and text links.

Continuous improvement

Our Partner Program is only as successful as it’s participants, which is why we value and encourage feedback to ensure we continually improve our offerings to bring you the best possible partner experience.

Many organisations are focussed on delivering a product or a feature to their customers and after-sale support can often be an afterthought or be a function provided by whomever is available in the business to take a clients call or help them with an issue.

In todays market where businesses are judged (sometimes harshly) on how they provide support to customers at any stage in the journey, it’s important to ensure that support is delivered effectively. Many businesses acknowledge that this is important but a lot of these businesses simply can’t afford to hire the staff needed to do this properly. This is where the BaseHost Support as a Service comes in. Our service provides a truly whitelabelled and outsourced support model that doesn’t break the bank and does provide effective support to any business.

Why the BaseHost Reseller Partner Program?

As a managed services provider, we offer innovative, cost effective and hassle-free IT solutions. Customers are able to bundle services to cover every aspect of their business needs, with one simple monthly invoice from BaseHost, no matter how many services are bundled. As a reseller partner, we’re committed to ensuring your partnership is supportive and profitable, and enables you to expand your service offering with the latest in cloud technology.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I join the BaseHost Reseller Partner Program?

You can apply to become a Reseller Partner by filling out our Reseller Partner Application.

Is there an application fee?

No. If your business meets our Partner Program criteria, the program is free.

Need help? Call our award-winning support team 24/7 at 1300 621 888