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Online Marketing

SEO Toolkit

  • Maximise your search engine ranking and web traffic with a SEO Toolkit by Plesk
  • As a Plesk Platinum Partner, BaseHost are able to offer our customers reduced cost plans and additional discounts, depending on the membership you choose
  • Stay ahead of the crowd by making data driven decision for SEO, SEM, Social Media and associated marketing

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The breakdown


The toolkit allows us to monitor the competition as well as your own website, and adjust marketing strategies accordingly


Track domain performance in popular search engines, and identify what needs to be optimised to stay ahead of the competition


The SEO Advisor tool provides a comprehensive report detailing site performance, and a list of actionable suggestions


The Log File Analyzer tool shows what search engine bots have crawled your site and when, as well as the frequency of their visits.


Site Audit conducts a scan of your site to validate all URLs. The resulting Optimisation Score will show where your site is performing strongly, and where adjustments could be made


Our team of experienced technicians and friendly consultants are available 24/7 for any toolkit queries you may have.

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WordPress Website Management

My site isn’t functioning like it should

Don’t let an unresponsive site cripple your business. Our Performance packages include database optimization and cleanup.

Search Engine Optimisation

I need my site to rank well on Google, stat!

A SEO strategy is an essential tool for business success, but it’s not an overnight process. Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, utilizes paid advertisements to bump your site to the top of the listings, generating immediate results.

Key Performance Indicators

Compare the performance of your website against competitors with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that determine how visible your site is online. KPIs include:

  • Which search engine your domain ranks the best on
  • Your more effective keywords for achieving good rankings
  • Overall ranking
  • Overall site visibility

It’s competitive out there

The SEO toolkit allows us to keep an eye on the competition, and adapt strategies to optimise search engine rankings.

Get more from your marketing spend

Track your most successful keywords and comparing them to your competitors keywords allows you to dial into areas that need more focus, and make data driven financial decisions.

Achieve great indexing

The Analyzer tool shows which URLs are achieving the most access from bots or crawlers, and how it helps them to rank in the SERPs.

Our WordPress Web Hosting plans are perfectly optimised to run your WordPress website.

All of our WordPress Hosting packages are delivered across 5 worldwide hosting nodes from AWS and all come equipped with the very useful WordPress toolkit from Plesk which is the panel that we use to run our hosting platforms. Our 24×7 support team are equipped with WordPress skills and can be reached by phone, live chat and tickets to help you at any time of the day.

100% optimization is possible

The digital landscape doesn’t stand still, and neither should your marketing strategies. A site audit will conduct a comprehensive scan of your website and identify actionable points to improve the performance of content, SEO and site architecture. Regular scans and taking action on each point identified will allow for 100% optmisation once implemented.

We all know the apps, we’ve been using them for decades!

Get access to the latest versions online or on your desktop and boost your productivity!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Plesk?

Plesk is the tool that BaseHost use across all of our hosting platforms. Plesk is a hosting automation tool that controls the way your website is managed and all of the technical controls around how your website functions. It is extendable by use of additional extensions or plugins to enable all kinds of additional and supporting functionality for our customers.

What is the Plesk SEO Toolkit?

A Plesk extension which helps to optimize a websites SEO and track its ongoing performance. Offering insights into site rankings on top search engines, it’s also possible to compare the performance of your site to that of competitors.

Why this toolkit over other SEO tools?

The key difference when it comes to the Plesk toolkit is the ability to implement daily scanning and identify actionable tasks as a result. Most other tools focus on identifying new keywords or identifying the keywords competitors are using. This daily reporting feature is crucial to remaining ahead of the crowd.

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