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You’ve got big ideas but a small task force

When you’re trying to get visibility for your small business, there’s no need to let a limited budget get you down. Established brands may have more money, but you can still have the smartest strategy around. 

Running a successful small business takes a lot of work. But with a little support, the right tools, and a helpful team, you can successfully run—and grow—your small business year after year. 

How can BaseHost boost my small business?

Stay engaged with your customers

Keeping your email list fresh is a key part of a successful marketing campaign. We’ll help you keep existing customers coming back for more, while building your subscriber list.

Make sure your site can be found

Designed with SEO in mind, we streamline your website code to make it super responsive. Search engines love this, meaning your site will rank well in search results.

Let our team help your team

Our customer service team really is 24/7 with remote desktop support! We guarantee a 99.9% uptime on your site; after all, it needs to be working hard even when you’re not.

Build an audience of social media

Support your beautiful new website with relevant, consistent content as part of a social media marketing strategy created specifically for your business.

Get access to the tools you need

BaseHost offer reasonably priced IT management solutions to suit your small business. As standard, we offer 24/7 break/fix support included with our Office 365 email accounts and other IT-based products. 

Get your brand online with a beautiful site

BaseHost website is designed to reduce customer effort. We build well-laid-out, visually appealing sites that read well and are designed to guide your customers to the service they are looking for.

Here’s the full list of things we think you could use

Our job is to ensure that you’re a successful business with an abundance of capabilities through the use of smart tools and technology. We’ve compiled a list of the services we think would suit you best based on where you’re at in your business lifecycle

Website and Web Hosting

Our team of developers have loads of experience in building beautiful websites. BaseHost specialises in WordPress website development. Whether you’re looking to build a site yourself, pull a design off the shelf or let our team craft something completely custom for you, we have a solution!

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As a startup or growing business, you will use IT systems and inevitably, they will break! Our service is designed to cut through the delay time in getting help and remove the bill shock of asking for help, available 24/7 for you.

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Small Business Tools

Every small business needs productivity tools. In reality, most are using outdated tools that they’ve had for years. Office365 productivity tools for small business offer a massive uplift in features, productivity and security for every small business owner.

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Content is what drives SEO rankings, and our experienced copywriters take the time to understand your target audience and create content that delivers a strong brand message designed to market your unique selling points.

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Social Media Marketing

Working with a limited budget, resources or manpower? Real digital marketing growth comes from optimum utilization of the right tools, analytics and expertise. Entrust your marketing strategy process to us at BaseHost and let us help you move up the competitive ladder using proper metrics, automation tools, advertising strategy and communications mix.

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WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular web building platform in the world – by a long way! Our team of designers and developers have loads of experience in designing and building beautiful websites. BaseHost specialises in WordPress website development. Whether you’re looking to build a site yourself, pull a design off the shelf or let our team craft something completely custom for you, we have a solution!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a website cost?
It’ll depend of the kind of website your company needs, your business goals, and the look and feel you’d like to achieve with your site. We can certainly discuss this with you and give you a ballpark to help you make your decision
I don’t know what logo I even want, can you assist with this?
We’re happy to have a consultation with you and really get to understand the nature of your business, and your plans for the future. We offer a number of different options when it comes to websites, from building your own with our site builder tool, to a standard layout basic site build, to multinational ecommerce sites. The choice is yours, and the options are endless! Our dedicated web design team are ready to talk you through the options, and help you find the solution that best fits your business
Are you also able to help market my business?
Yes, we have skilled marketing professionals as part of our team who are ready to help grow your small business.

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