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BaseHost SSL Certificate Pricing


This low-cost certificate option is the standard 128/256-bit and it’s one of the most popular Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates in the world. It’s known for its blazing fast issuance process and super affordable price. 99+% of all browsers recognise this certificate and it’s an ideal solution for entry-level websites.
  • 1 Yr / 2 Yr / 3 Yr Options

The RapidSSL wildcard certificate is an ideal solution for entry-level websites that need to protect one main domain (both www and non-www) along with their subdomains (i.e. basehost.com.au, mail.basehost.com.au, admin.basehost.com.au, etc.)
  • 1 Yr / 2 Yr / 3 Yr Options

This popular certificate allows you to secure one fully qualified domain name (www or non-www) with up to 256-bit encryption. Best of all, the QuickSSL Premium is typically issued in less than 10 minutes, as it requires just simple, domain verification for the validation process. The GeoTrust® QuickSSL Premium is an excellent option for small-to-medium size online businesses that want a more premium brand at a budget-friendly price.
  • 1 Yr / 2 Yr / 3 Yr Options

GeoTrust® Wildcards make it possible for e-commerce businesses to manage just one certificate while securing unlimited hostnames. By installing one GeoTrust Wildcard, issued to *.yourdomain.com, you’ll be able to protect every subdomain you need. This certificate is compatible with over 99% of browsers and offers top-level encryption that’s ideally suited for more robust SMB ecommerce sites.
  • 1 Yr / 2 Yr / 3 Yr Options

Thawte™ is one of the most respected names in the SSL industry. This low-cost certificate offers the industry standard 128/256-bit encryption and is one of the most popular Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates on the planet. What makes it so popular is its combination of trust, security, and speed – as this certificate and it’s widely recognized brand can be issued to a domain in less than one business day.
  • 1 Yr / 2 Yr / 3 Yr Options

The Thawte Wildcard SSL certificate is one of the premier wildcard certificates available on the market today. It’s an excellent certificate for businesses looking to go beyond just encryption for their domain and all accompanying subdomains. That’s because this certificate features the reputable Thawte name, a dynamic site seal, and 99.9% browser/mobile recognition – making it one of the most comprehensive wildcard solutions out there. This wildcard is perfect for medium to larger-sized companies, or any business that places the highest stock in their customers’ trust and assurance.
  • 1 Yr / 2 Yr / 3 Yr Options

SSL Certificates

While we’re the first to tout the benefits of an online presence for small businesses, we also have to concede that sometimes, without the right protection, the internet can be a scary place. That’s why it’s essential to add an SSL Certificate to your website.

Like the proverbial cone of silence, an SSL Certificate is effectively a barrier around the information sent to and from your website, securing it from third party interception. When customers see your SSL Certificate badge, they can be assured that they’re purchasing from a business that really cares about their security. And Google will love you for it too; SSL Certificates are one of the myriad factors that contribute to improving your SEO rankings.


Featured SSL Certificate Range

Our Range of Trusted SSL Certificates

Rapid SSL Certificates

RapidSSL® offers a low price SSL solution and RapidSSL® SSL certificates are issued instantly and delivered by e-mail within minutes of your order. With RapidSSL® you can have a secure web site up and running quickly. The RapidSSL® root certificate has 99.9% browser recognition and provides customer confidence with a trust mark to display on your site.

We recommend RapidSSL® for web sites conducting low transaction volumes. If you require Mobile Ubiquity and a dynamic site seal to instill consumer confidence check out our GeoTrust® and VeriSign® product range.

GeoTrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust® offers a range of value-priced SSL Certificates with fast delivery. Choose the authentication method to maximize trust for your business: Extended Validation, full organization validation or domain authenticatin.

Thawte SSL Certificates

Thawte’s global reputation speaks to their early expectations. Thawte became a globally renowned certificate authority by becoming the first CA to sell SSL certificates internationally. This global ambition resulted in their worldwide reputation by customers for trust and security. In order to keep that reputation intact, they have diligently pursued every ‘digital certificate-focused’ avenue in order to meet the demand of e-commerce businesses which desire the highest level of security and trust.

Businesses that adopt the Thawte brand SSL acquire that recognition and can now expect more. It’s time to expect more. Don’t give it a second Thawte. Purchase a Thawte SSL certificate today.

Why Should you choose BaseHost?

At BaseHost, we’re committed to partnering with your business and seeing you succeed.

01. How can BaseHost help you?

As an authorised reseller of SSL Certificates from The SSL Store, we offer the best SSL solutions for your small business, at the best price.

As a one stop shop, offering the best internet services in one place, we deliver convenience and a hassle free web presence for small businesses. Rather than leaving you scouting around researching options, and managing bills from a multitude of service providers, BaseHost takes care of everything, thus allowing you to continue doing what you do best.

02. What will you get if you choose BaseHost?

Peace. Confidence. Security.

When you choose BaseHost for your SSL Certificate needs you’ll have access to the very best SSL Certificates, from the world’s most trusted brands:

  • RapidSSL;
  • GeoTrust;
  • Thawte; and
  • Symantec

These products will allow you and your customers to transact with the confidence that your vital information will remain secure.

In short, we’ll take care of all the hassle, while you take care of your customers.

03. Why choose BaseHost?

An online presence is so vital for a small business. But very few get it right.

Websites, with all their bells and whistles, are time consuming and tricky, taking business owners away from their product, and their customers.

Seeing this problem, we decided to help by creating a brand dedicated to helping get Australia’s small businesses online, with minimum hassle and cost. We offer everything a small business needs, from design to hosting, and everything in between, with no upfront cost.

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