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BaseHost Technology Partners

The brightest stars of Australia have always worked in tandem. BaseHost partner with the best in the market to deliver valuable services to our clients.

With that in mind, we realised that to deliver the best possible online solutions for our small business partners we’d have to buddy up. So we scoured the digital world to find the perfect tech partners. Imagine all these great services, with only one bill, and one Melbourne based organisation to deal with!

We are honoured and proud to be offering services from the companies listed below on this page.

Who we’ve partnered with

BaseHost has several key technology partnerships with enable us to deliver the latest in tech services to our clients, and we are proud to be a partner with many of these reputable organisations.

Our promise to you

We don’t subscribe to a one size fits all theory when it comes to services for small business. Unlike other service providers, BaseHost takes the time to really get to know your business so we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. From architecture firms to carpet cleaning businesses to brand new start-ups, we have a custom digital solution to elevate your business.

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