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The Framework of a Successful Web Design Strategy

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Design, Online Branding, Web Hosting, Wordpress

The Framework of a Successful Web Design Strategy

A simple website can be just as powerful as one with stunning visual elements and a sleek appearance. As your first virtual impression, pairing website design and functionality are vital to obtaining stellar business results. If your website isn’t quite generating prospects or converting leads, take note of the following anatomical parts of a fully-functioning website body.

1. A Clean Layout
Never underestimate the negative effect of a cluttered home page, overwhelming visuals, complex menu structures, and confusing elements. Sometimes, keeping it simple is critical. Embrace white space and implement only what your visitors need.

2. Branded Assets
Beyond a first impression, your website is a visual representation of your brand. As such, you won’t want to deviate from your company’s colour scheme or outstanding elements. Utilise a crisp and high-resolution logo along with descriptions reflective of your company tone.

3. Mobile Responsiveness
A mobile-friendly website is a high-performing website and one that keeps visitors on your site for longer. Nowadays, a website that works on every platform isn’t just a bonus feature—it’s a must to cater to visitors on-the-go. Without a mobile-responsive layout, you could potentially lose up to 57% of your customers.

4. Intuitive Navigation
An often-overlooked aspect of website design is the ease of navigation. When business owners focus too much on how a website looks, they forget how it feels. You want your visitors to find what they’re looking for in less than a minute. If they end up getting lost because of a hidden menu or unreadable text, the more likely they are to click out of your website.

5. Simple Forms
To capture leads, your sign-up or check-out forms need to be more than visually appealing and well-written—they need to be succinct, structurally intelligent, and enticing. Pair your forms with a foolproof CTA and check-out button that is impossible to miss.

6. Encryption
With hackers taking over poorly-secured websites like wildfire, you’ll want to ensure customers’ sensitive information remains private. Migrate your HTTP site to HTTPS, securing it with SSL encryption. Consider using a VPS as your business grows.

7. Brief Product Catalogues
If you stock upwards of a hundred products on your website, you’ll want to configure each one for searchability. If customers are on the hunt for a specific product, making it easy to find can help guarantee their business.

8. Contact Pages
If a first-time visitor isn’t entirely sold on your product but enticed enough to hear back from you, make a contact form readily available. Provide visitors with every method of connection—from your email, phone number, and physical mailing address. If necessary, equip your website with a live chat feature wherein you can answer common queries.

9. Excellent Content
If you’re raking in visitors but lacking in conversions, provide customers with everything they need in one portal. If they aren’t learning much about your product from its page description, educate them with a blog. If you’re aiming to tap return customers, send them a newsletter or make eBook downloads available. Well-crafted content is content that converts.


A professional website is one that is minimal yet enticing and chock-full of quality content. It should be optimised and mobile-ready, among other stellar traits. If you aren’t confident in your website-building skills, consult with an expert.

At BaseHost, our knack for website design is beyond just basic. Whether to educate, inform, sell, or entertain, we provide customised solutions and 24/7 support to meet your needs wherever and whenever. Dedicated to startups, we can help your small Australian business grow into something far bigger than you can anticipate.

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