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Domains – Transfer a domain name

Fast, simple and painless domain transfer

  • Got multiple domains? Keep it simple by managing all your domains with BaseHost
  • 24/7 access to our customer console for easy administration of your domains
  • Save on management costs with multiple domains

Streamline and automate the delivery of your outbound email marketing campaigns and get rich insights on performance.

Safe and simple domain transfers


Our automated transfer process takes the risk out of moving your domain, and most transfers are complete within 48 hours.


BaseHost can help you with management of domain forwarding or subdomains, as well as providing access to our user-friendly customer management console.


Domains aren’t set and forget; we consistently monitor your domain to ensure your website is always available.


Track the status of your transfer with regular updates from the team. We’ll provide an estimate for transfer time and update you if anything changes.


Select from a range of extensions, anywhere in the world depending on the needs of your business.


Our auto-renewal notifications mean you’ll never have to worry about losing your domain because you missed the window to re-register.

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Custom Built Websites

Why choose a custom-built WordPress site with BaseHost?

We work with you to create a brand-centric website which offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality designed to elevate your business. Fast, secure and developed with SEO in mind, your custom site will work seamlessly on any device.

Template Built Websites

Build me a website, but use a template

If you’re looking to get up and running as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible, this option may be for you. We’ll take a preexisting template of your choice, and customize it to suit your needs

Simple and easy transfer process, no website downtime

Typically, a domain name transfer is complete within 48 hours. Top level domains such as .com or .info can take up to 10 days in some cases. It’s natural to worry that that length of time may cause disruption to your website, but unless you’re changing your hosting too, there won’t be an adverse effect for your website availability. Got more than one domain to transfer? Good news: we can handle transfers of large quantity domains in bulk, and you’ll benefit from discounted pricing too.

Domain still within registration?

If you’ve still got some residual time on your domain registration with your existing registrar, no problem. We can carry over the remaining time when we process your transfer.

Domain transfer & hosting

Transfer your website hosting and domain over the BaseHost, and benefit from a discount on our hosting packages

Transfer multiple domains

We can transfer domains in bulk, and we offer a discount for multiple transfers!

Our WordPress Web Hosting plans are perfectly optimised to run your WordPress website.

All of our WordPress Hosting packages are delivered across 5 worldwide hosting nodes from AWS and all come equipped with the very useful WordPress toolkit from Plesk which is the panel that we use to run our hosting platforms. Our 24×7 support team are equipped with WordPress skills and can be reached by phone, live chat and tickets to help you at any time of the day.

Administrated domain transfer with DNS management and 24/7 support

Many service providers offer a DIY domain transfer option which may be slightly cheaper, but is certainly more labor intensive. If you’re running a busy enterprise, it’s likely you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to navigate through a self-serve system as you attempt to transfer your domain, or multiple domains. Let BaseHost take care of it for you, and we’ll keep you updated on the status of your transfer while you get back to business.

You’ve got some cash and want to market your business on Google?

We can help – let our experts manage your campaign to get your best bang for buck!

Frequently asked questions

What is a domain transfer?

Transferring a domain involves moving the name ownership from one registrar to another.

What is a domain registrar?
BaseHost is not a domain registrar. BaseHost has established relationships with multiple domain Registrars. We utilise these relationships on your behalf through our systems to allow you, through us, to register, renew and transfer domains via our services.

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