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Useful Tips to Remember When Improving Your Website Design

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Design

Every person aiming for a stable online presence or business owner who wants to promote their products or services on the internet should start by running a website before anything else. However, it isn’t as simple as it sounds and can actually be more complicated. 

You have to exert more effort to manage your online platform, especially during the beginning when no one recognises you yet. Depending on what you want, you could create a website from scratch or depend on platforms offering ready-made websites. 

However, if you don’t know how to build a website because you lack the background to code, let alone navigate site builders, it’s best to hire a website company to guide you accordingly. No matter what option you choose, it will help to know the basics of a good web design. Keep reading below to find out how to guarantee your website can attract more visitors over time. 

 Keep Your Website Mobile-Friendly 

The first tip to consider for your website is to optimise it for mobile use. Gone are the days when websites were only limited to being viewed on desktop computers. With the rise of new electronics, such as smartphones and tablets, when creating your website, you must give people what they want. 

Whether you’re putting up a personal website, a branding website, or an eCommerce website, you should strive to make it with mobile users in mind. When they view your finished website on their desired device, they have an easy time navigating your pages, browsing your posts, and consuming your content without problems. 

Focus on the Visual Hierarchy 

Visual hierarchy refers to how a user sees your website and the elements that make it up, assigning the order of importance to each part of it. In simpler terms, it’s how a person focuses more on a portion of the website that tends to stand out among the rest. 

For example, if you have images on your website that contain various sizes, your visitors will automatically assume that the bigger photos are more important than the smaller ones. As for coloured text, using black text for your content and inserting a different colour to emphasise a particular word will make readers pay more attention to that other word. 

When you use visual hierarchy to your advantage to tackle your website design, you can go over various elements to get your visitors’ attention. You can adjust the sizes of the objects, focus on what is essential, change the colour of the text and the typeface itself, and more. 

Follow the Golden Ratio Rule 

The golden ratio is also known as the divine proportions. It involves the ratio that many people consider aesthetically attractive to the point that they think something is beautiful. If you wish to improve your site design, you could modify the proportions of every section of your web page. 

You can stay on the safe side by keeping things well-balanced and dividing parts of your website accordingly. It will give you an easier time designing your platform without stressing over what goes where because you don’t have to think about where to position the elements. 


When you’re aiming to create a professional website, don’t forget to apply the basic principles to designing it. Keep your site mobile-friendly, focus on visual hierarchy, and follow the golden ratio rule. Doing so increases your chances of convincing more people to give their time of day to check out your website and the content you offer them and appreciating its web design.  

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