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We’re a startup, and need to get online

You’ve got a big idea but a small budget, and you want to reach a wider audience and grow your business. Convert browsers into customers with an engaging, mobile friendly website.

How can I get my business online?

Get your brand a beautiful site

BaseHost offer reasonably priced IT management solutions to suit your small business. As standard, we offer 24/7 break/fix support included with our Office 365 email accounts and other IT-based products.

Get your site seen

Designed with SEO in mind, we streamline your website code to make it super responsive. Search engines love this, meaning your site will rank well in search results.

Let our team help you

Our customer service team really is 24/7 with remote desktop support! We guarantee a 99.9% uptime on your site; after all, it needs to be working hard even when you’re not.

Tell the world

Support your beautiful new website with relevant, consistent content as part of a social media marketing strategy created specifically for your business.

Sort out your tools

BaseHost offer reasonably priced IT management solutions to suit your small business. As standard, we offer 24/7 break/fix support included with our Office 365 email accounts and other IT-based products.

Engage with your leads

Keeping your email list fresh is a key part of a successful marketing campaign. We’ll help you keep existing customers coming back for more, while building your subscriber list.

Here’s the full list of things we think you could use

Our job is to ensure that you’re a successful business with an abundance of capabilities through the use of smart tools and technology. We’ve compiled a list of the services we think would suit you best based on where you’re at in your business lifecycle

WordPress Websites

WordPress is the most popular web building platform in the world – by a long way! Our team of designers and developers have loads of experience in designing and building beautiful websites. BaseHost specialises in WordPress website development. Whether you’re looking to build a site yourself, pull a design off the shelf or let our team craft something completely custom for you, we have a solution!

Explore all our WordPress Websites services:

Computer Support

Whether your a single-person business or a large enterprise, you or your teams will use IT systems and inevitably, they will break! Traditionally, organisations have called on their internal IT teams or a local IT person to help out. Our service is designed to cut through the delay time in getting help and remove the bill shock of asking for help.

Explore all our Computer Support services:

Business Tools

Every small business needs productivity tools. In reality, most are using outdated tools that they’ve had for years. Whilst this gets the job done, all of these small businesses are definitely not as productive as they should be. The suite of Office365 productivity tools for small business offer a massive uplift in features, productivity and security for every small business owner.

Explore all our Small Biz Tools services:

Website Marketing

A beautiful website is just that, but if no one knows about it, what good is it and the money you’ve spent building it? Our comprehensive and affordable range of services for Website marketing provide you options for getting your site found organically in search engines and in paid ad campaigns.

Explore all our Website Marketing services:

Social Marketing

In today’s online economy, Social Media platforms are not something you can ignore as a business. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, you just need to pick the right social media network to communicate on and start having good and meaningful dialogue with your current and potential customers in this arena. Many clients either don’t know how or don’t have the time to do this, which is where our range of Social Media Marketing services will help you.

Explore all our Social Marketing services:

Business Marketing

We appreciate the time pressures most businesses have. Most of our customers have zero time to dedicated to writing well thought-out content that’s ready to use to promote your business online. Those same time pressures impact your ability to communicate regularly with your customers. Our Business Marketing services are the perfect augmentation to support your business and your customers.

Explore all our Business Marketing services:

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to build a website?
It depends on the type and complexity of the website your business needs. Smaller, more simple builds can be completed within one to two weeks; larger ecommerce platforms requiring more complex code can take between 4 to 6 weeks. If you have a particular date in mind for a website launch, we can certainly work with that.
Can you help with ongoing web and marketing support?
Absolutely! We’re here to partner with you, and work with you to ensure your business is a success. We understand the challenges of a startup, and we’ve got you covered whether you need a straightforward website build, or an ongoing digital marketing strategy.
What about hosting and domain registration?
When we started out, hosting was our bread and butter, and we’re proud to offer enterprise grade hosting and a range of pricing and packages to suit all business types. We can tie domain registration in as well, making the process seamless and hassle free

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