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In the words of Red Adair; “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do a job, wait until you hire an amateur.” As a small business owner, the options open to you in terms of web design and digital media are legion. You’re time and resource poor, and you need it done quickly. Unless you have unlimited resources, you also want it done right. Rather than launching straight into a spiel about BaseHost’s awesomeness (we are pretty awesome though), we’ve decided to go a step further and actually try out some of the alternatives that you may have investigated before finding us. Read on!

Logo Design

After coming up with a business name, the next logical step is often a logo. With a budget of $300 and a simple concept, we decided to try a popular freelance marketplace to see what kind of response we got.

Within three days, we had received over 185 submissions. Three of them were drawn by hand, over half infringed on copyright in some way (if not blatantly knocking off another design), and the rest were so badly prepared it looked like a toddler had been let loose on a blank wall with a magic marker.


The Unsolicited Emails

You’ve registered a domain name? Brace yourself! Emails are coming (Game of Thrones theme song plays in the background). In the name of research, we decided to respond to one and see what was on offer.

A series of badly spelled, poorly constructed, seemingly auto generated emails followed. It wasn’t immediately clear who the “provider” was, no company name was forthcoming until about the 10th email in. At no point were we asked what market we were in, what product or service we offered, or who our customers were. It became very clear that the objective was to crank out the same template based website again and again, with minor changes to differentiate it from the last one. No thank you.

The “Call us now!” sales pitch

If you’ve ever wondered how one of these calls might go; BaseHost are here to save you the trouble. They’re excruciating.

We did get through to an actual human person, who was apparently as surprised as we were that someone had actually called. Her function was to set an appointment for us with the “designer”, who would take the job from there. Any attempt to ask questions about the provider’s capabilities, experience, or what we could expect as a finished product were clearly not on the script, and the wheels fell off very quickly.


The BaseHost difference

A website for your business needs to be more than just an online presence. In order to be effective, your page needs to rank well in internet searches, and that won’t happen if people don’t like the look or usability of your site

01. With You All the Way

As your service provider, our goal at BaseHost is to be your partner in business. We talk you through every step of the process no matter what service we are providing, and we’ll be there to support you for as long as you need us. If you take out a managed service package, we’ll work alongside you to take care of the technical stuff, letting you get on with running your business.

02. Really, Honestly 24/7

If something goes wrong, or isn’t working as well as it should be, our first priority is minimizing the impact on your business. We’ll work out the quickest way to get you back on track with minimal downtime. The best part? We won’t charge you the earth.

03. Value For Money

The providers backing our products and services are the best available; we know, we’ve handpicked them! BaseHost believe you get what you pay for; it’s how we package our services that makes us so competitive. We hire people who really know their stuff, we tailor our services to give you exactly what you need, and we outline our fees in clear and manageable payments.

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